RT Dynamics launches 2.1.1 release of CosmosCRM

RT Dynamics - a company based in San Francisco, has successfully launched the 2.1.1 release of its cloud-based CosmosCRM that appends on its previous version.

Online PR News – 30-March-2015 – 30 March 2014, San Francisco, California. – RT Dynamics - a company based in San Francisco, has successfully launched the 2.1.1 release of its cloud-based CosmosCRM that appends on its previous version and unfolds four majestically valuable features which are:

1. Meta Data Manager
2. Documents
3. Audit
4. Gmail Sync

Metadata refers to model meta (fields, and their definitions), view meta (list, detail, edit, create).
In the previous version of CosmosCRM metadata was situated at client side but now in this contemporary version 2.1, all metadata has been shifted to server side to eliminate load from client’s machine and render customized view to the customers.

Documents feature brings the ease of uploading and maintaining files within the CRM system. Using CosmosCRM 2.1.1, users can readily upload, delete, change or download the file of any type. It is a great feature that enables the association of files with task, meeting, notes, calls, contacts, deals, companies etc. For convenience, document subpanel is added in above-mentioned applications to show the file with the associated record.

Another asset of CosmosCRM is the auditing feature that activates handy tracking of all important stages of sales pipeline and generates point of analysis that helps user to assume estimated time of shift from one stage of sale to another. Once enabled, audit feature keeps track of all the changes occurred in that particular field rather than overwriting the information.

The new CosmosCRM 2.1.1 is synced with the Google calendar, Google contacts and Google drive to automatically populate records from Google drive, Google contacts and Google calendar to CosmosCRM and from CosmosCRM to Google drive, Google Calendar and Google Calendar. Now you can have all or your selected contacts, documents and events synced between Google and CosmosCRM as this version of CosmosCRM supports two-way syncing and priority based syncing both. Using priority based synchronization; you can select multiple records to be synced from one interface to the other with the help of newly developed checkbox option. This feature is simple and coveted hence is a great addition in CosmosCRM.
This latest version of CosmosCRM is available at the product’s official website: www.cosmoscrm.com where anyone can sign up for free.

About Cosmos CRM:
Cosmos CRM provides its user a complete marketing and sales solution that includes contact management, email marketing, business intelligence and response management system. All of these features make sure to give clients a complete and credible ROI so that they invest in the right thing and boost up their revenue. This product is 100% cloud and web-based giving you a completely secure platform to save your data since it is between the client and the service provider without the involvement of any third party like your local network. It is pre-integrated with the social media sites as well so the client will be spared the effort of connecting manually with their target market. The service is pay-as-you-go and is available at incredibly low rates. Learn more at www.cosmoscrm.com