Atlanta Work at Home Mom Consulted as Expert by National News

Atlanta work at home mother of 4 appears in MSNBC segment on the dangers of BPA

Online PR News – 11-January-2009 – – When national news channel MSNBC broadcast a segment on the dangers of bpa, they consulted scientists, professors, and Atlanta-based mom, Carrie Lauth.

A chemical known as BPA (bisphenolA) has made national headlines in recent months after experts criticized the Food and Drug Administration for insisting that BPA levels found in many plastic products are safe. Among these experts was Carrie Lauth who was consulted by reporter Tom Costello after discovering her website,

The MSNBC segment reveals that a panel of independent scientists determined that BPA mimics estrogen and can disrupt hormonal and brain development in animals. Dr. Philip Landrigan of the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine advises parents to limit their child's exposure to BPA. Major retailers including Wal Mart and Toys R Us have voluntarily banned products containing BPA as a result of these studies.

In spite of the research and the fact that Canada has already taken action by banning products containing BPA, the Food and Drug Administration has failed to follow suit. "Parents are receiving conflicting information," says Carrie Lauth "and its confusing when they hear that Canada is concerned enough to ban the chemical but the FDA is telling them there's no need to be alarmed. A statement such as that really makes parents wonder if our government can be trusted to protect our families."

Lauth recommends that parents educate themselves on the dangers of BPA and make the decision for themselves whether they should limit their child's exposure to this potentially harmful chemical. More information and links to resources about BPA and the risks associated with it can be found via Carrie Lauth's website, located at

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