Rapsodo Introduces the First App Empowering the iPhone to Measure a Golf Game, LaunchBox PUTT

An outstanding app technology that captures, analyzes and delivers 6 measures of a putting stroke in real time, by turning the iPhone6 into a putting monitor.

Online PR News – 31-March-2015 – Singapore – Developed by Rapsodo for all golf enthusiasts, LaunchBox PUTT is the first app that enables a smartphone to be used as a reliable device to accurately capture and measure the parameters of a golf practice shot in real time. Using the phone’s high speed camera, it records, analyzes and gives immediate feedback about distance, direction, club/ball speeds and impact/acceleration ratios of the putting stroke performed by the player. Designed to help every golfer improve the consistency of his putting game, it is released at no cost, making it the latest must-have golf app. LaunchBox PUTT is compatible with the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

Now available on the App store (“Launchbox Putt”), FREE, http://appsto.re/sg/eqLP5.i

Golf apps have been developed with impressive technology these last years: they help plan the game, give rules clarifications and tips, advise club fitting, track player’s statistics, calculate parameters, compare a swing performance with the best players, enable sharing results online, they can record and visualize a game used in connection with a wearable or simulator device, and more. LaunchBox PUTT goes even further and turns the iPhone into a reliable putting monitor! For the first time, the phone itself is used as an accurate device to measure the golfer’s putting shot in real-time, ultimately improving the consistency of today’s golfer game.

Measure to Master

This outstanding app empowers the iPhone with a technology that can capture, analyze and provide 6 crucial measures of a putting stroke, displayed within seconds:
- Acceleration ratio: ratio of up-swing speed over down-swing speed
- Distance: total distance from ball start to stop
- Ball speed: club head speed at point of impact with the ball
- Direction: the angle the ball initially travels to the left or right
- Club head speed: speed of the club head near point of impact with the ball
- Impact ratio: ratio of ball speed over club head speed
For each data, LaunchBox PUTT displays both current and previous results, and provides a graphical ball trajectory on the main screen. Consistency being key to master putting, LaunchBox PUTT also saves a history of the results so the golfer can go back and compare any time, identify specific areas that need improvement, and master the touch of putting strokes of varying distance

LaunchBox PUTT relies on the high speed camera built into the iPhone 6 to capture the putt when the ball is hit. By taking a series of high speed pictures along the first few inches of the ball’s roll, the technology can track every aspect of the stroke. Shot images get analyzed by proprietary algorithms to measure the parameters of putting and to display the data within seconds.

As far as the manipulation is concerned, a simple set up can empower the iPhone as practice device. It requires to mount it on a 13-15 cm tripod (5-6 inches) with its rear camera facing the putting area, and to connect it with a monitor (i.e. computer, TV) using an HDMI cable or an AirPlay capable device. The monitor will project the steps for calibrations (camera’s position calibration and trajectory calibration), as well as the correct position for placing the ball before hitting. That’s it.
Detailed instructions are available at www.rapsodo.com/putt-setup-guide

By getting immediate feedback on every stroke, LaunchBox PUTT app is designed to help the player develop a smooth putting rhythm and a reliable shot. Free and easy to use, it may become the smartest technology to increase confidence and consistency on the putting green. However it is played, whether it is to learn what it feels like to hit strokes of varying distances, or to add a bit of friendly pressure by challenging others on short shots, LaunchBox PUTT will sharpen up practice skills, all from the comfort of home.

Founded in 2010 by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, Rapsodo is dedicated to provide the athletes and sports enthusiasts with technologies that will serve their purpose of serious practice with two emphases: entertainment and affordability. His motto “Measure to Master” embodies the philosophy that to grow confidence in sports, understand one’s performances with informative and reliable statistics is an important part of the game. Before innovating with the LaunchBox PUTT app, Rapsodo created in 2014 the Personal Launch Box, the first affordable golf practice-and-play monitor that provides high accuracy and real-time data of actual shots, distributed in USA under SkyTrak.

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