The Spa Boutique announces Massage Therapy Sessions for Cellulite Treatment.

The Spa Boutique has announced massage therapy sessions for women battling cellulite. They offer tempting packages for women seeking cellulite treatment.

Online PR News – 30-March-2015 – Richmond Hill, Ontorio, Canada – Cellulite has been something that all women loathe, want to get rid of and been trying to hide since the time of Adam and Eve. It bothers young and not so young, and sometimes “shows up” in teenage bodies. It targets certain areas with its signature “orange peel” look, frequently targets abdomen, hips, buttocks, even arms. What do you think cellulite is? It’s actually not simply an esthetic issue, I’s a physiological problem. It’s caused by structural changes of collagen in affected areas. Collagen in these areas shapes as honey comb and becomes trapped in those “cells”. What also get trapped there are body toxins, causing tissue to stretch and appear uneven and bumpy. Many think of cellulite as simple cosmetic issue, but in reality it’s a much deeper and complex problem, deeply rooted and caused by some bio-chemical imbalance as well. Today we all learn that we cannot simply get rid of cellulite by applying creams and exercising (though last one can help by increasing muscle mass).

For the past few years our attention got caught by one specific method to fight cellulite. Method itself is not new, but fact that it can help cellulite is! Did you know that there is a whole new stream in conventional massage therapy that is entirely devoted and focused on cellulite? Well, there is hope now, that your massage therapist could soon add cellulite to their long list of why you should regularly have your massage therapy sessions. The idea is to stimulate and improve function on major lymph channels, physically deform and destroy fat congested cells and manually work on deep tissue. Anti-cellulite massage must be performed by qualified RMT. As a supportive tools during the treatment therapist can use special creams, warming oils and other various preparations of their choice.

Course of treatments is usually 10-15 sessions, spaced twice a week. This will help you to improve your cellulite by 1 grade. Next step will be focused on maintaining your results by having one session every 2 weeks. As an added bonus after your treatments you will feel that your muscles are more relaxed and you have less overall tension. You will enjoy having restful sleep at night and waking up in the morning, feeling more refreshed and radiant looking!
Always remember that cellulite is a complex problem, meaning battle against it must cover all aspects of your life style: healthy eating, exercising regularly, drinking plenty of fluids and of course, twice a month an old, good massage session with your therapist!

If you like the idea of combining the pleasure of massage therapy and getting benefits of improving your cellulite book your try out appointment at Spa Boutique. Their massage therapists have more than decades if experience and take pride in their work by always giving their best effort to provide great treatment.