Mandalas to Color for Kids and Adults Volume 10 Now Available Online

Ironpower Publishing has just released Mandalas to Color Volume 10
and it’s available from

Online PR News – 30-March-2015 – Victoria – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 26 March 2015 – ( Ironpower Publishing, owned by Richard Hargreaves, is excited to announce the release of Mandalas to Color for Kids and Adults Volume 10 on Amazon. Volume 10 is suitable for colorists in the beginner and intermediate levels.

Coloring is a simple and fun activity which can have lifelong benefits for children. Children can spend an hour just sitting down busying themselves with crayons and coloring worksheets. But aside from it being a favorite past time of kids, it has advantages that promote a positive personality among them.

Coloring books can stimulate and exercise the right hemisphere of our brains which is responsible for creativity, visual imagery, color and emotions. Children who spend more time coloring books have better motor skills because coloring promotes hand and eye coordination, strength and grip. This practice also allows children to be familiar with colors and experiment on various color combinations. Mandala coloring books have so many patterns to choose from to maximize one’s creativity and imagination. Coloring books also give children the chance to express their creative side by letting them go in choosing colors, strokes and patterns. Another important value that can be developed through coloring is patience and focus. Kids learn to patiently finish their artworks and master the art of concentrating by focusing on the patterns and shapes of their worksheets. Mandala coloring books have designs tailored for beginners and experts so children and adults can both enjoy the experience. After focusing on coloring, kids feel a sense of accomplishment with their finished art project, thus boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Mandalas to Color ( are now released online in the book category of Amazon’s website. This current release, Mandalas to Color for Kids and Adults Volume 10, has the same level of difficulty as Volumes 1, 4 and 7 which is fairly easy. This volume can be used both by kids and adults but take note that this volume has more adult level designs compared to the other volumes. Another good thing about the mandala coloring book is that it only has one mandala design per sheet so you could put it in a frame and display the finished artwork.

Coloring mandalas can be an exciting bonding activity for children and adults as they can both be free on expressing whatever they are feeling by just coloring. H. Collins, a mother of 2, says, “I have witnessed how my kids and I strengthened our bond whenever we spend our afternoons coloring. We can be quiet for a long while, but once we are done, my daughters would proudly show me their artworks and we would post them on their room. Coloring mandalas also helped me clear my mind whenever I feel overwhelmed.”

If you are looking for a creative therapy for kids and adults, the Mandala coloring books are available on Amazon via the link

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