Tarp Manufacturer, Tarps Plus, Donates Tarps To Pakistan Flood Victims

Pakistan is receiving aid from many manufactures like tarps and other various aid products but much more is needed. One tarp company, like Tarps Plus has been helping.

Online PR News – 30-August-2010 – – tarps are probably one of the most overlooked and underestimated products on the face of the planet. Most of us know what they are and understand that tarps have practical uses. However, we rarely think of just how important a tarp might be to someone who is in need. Recently, manufacturers and retailers of tarpaulins like Tarps Plus have been aiding flood victims in Pakistan by donating their products.

In August of 2010, a flood devastated many areas of Pakistan. According to reports, this is one of the deadliest floods to hit the country in many decades. Many Pakistani people have lost their lives, homes, or their loved ones.

As the world began to hear the news, many countries responded quickly. Humanitarians began arriving in the country early on and many philanthropists donated money and other items to the survivors.

Many people have donated large amounts of food, clothing, clean water, and medical supplies to aid the victims. Retailers and manufacturers of tarps have also been donating large numbers of heavy duty tarpaulins, which is a much needed item that many people often forget is needed in areas struck by extremely bad weather.

One tarp company has been on the forefront of tarp aid. Tarps Plus has specializes in tarps for natural disasters and has been a major contributor of tarps this year. A spokes person for the company Angelina Urquart states, "Our company basically does not sleep during a disaster. If people need tarps, we will get it to them."

Because the floods have left many people without shelter, the tarps have been used to provide temporary homes in the form of tents. According to the Royal Air Force Base in Oxfordshire, 500 tents made from heavy duty tarps is enough to provide 2500 people with shelter. These tents are easy to erect and provide much needed protection from the cold and rain.

Tarpaulins are also being used to keep important emergency supplies dry. Medicines, which are sensitive to damp conditions, are being protected by tarpaulins as they travel to Pakistan, as well as food. Additionally, tarps are being used to erect support sites where aid workers can administer care to the injured.

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