Delivering Professional Healers Through Comprehensive Courses At SOHA Institute

SOHA is a leading School of Healing Arts, offering various healing courses. Their objective is to educate people in traditional and complementary medicine.

Online PR News – 30-March-2015 – Singapore, Singapore – The popularity of alternative healing practices and theraupetic medicine has increased forefold over the years and these practices have had positive effects on the life of people in a holistic manner. The long term health, wellness and zero side effects provided by the Chinese healing have made these popular among people and more and more people seek to undergo the treatment that they provide. SOHA institute, Singapore is a pioneer in offering the courses that create professional in alternative practices and build professional, dedicated and qualified healers that work towards providing wellness and also eradicate the destructive effects of the ills of diet and present lifestyle and other diseases.
Courses at Soha include Basic Chinese Massage, Tuina, Reflexology, Spa treatment, Sports massage, Diet & Nutrition, Beauty Therapy, Traditional Massotherapy, Pre Natal Therapy, Post Natal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage and other alternative theraupetic courses. The courses at SOHA institute are very well accredited and they cover all the lifestyle diseases, dietery diseases and all body ailments that can be cured through its courses offered. The institute is considered to be working with a social mission and offers accessible and affordable education. The comprehensive courses are thorough and provide inclusive training material. The healers developed by SOHA institute are employable in various industries including medicine, sports, physiotherapy, beauty, dietery and lifestyle therapies.
The Tuina treatment Chinese massage courses are two of the very popular courses at SOHA. Tuina massage is a very basic form of massaging and the technique used is Chinese accupressure. The practice is safe enough for infants. According to research, the infants subjected to this therapy get less ill and their growth is enhanced and their blood circulation is also improved. The WSQ spa services courses provide training on numerous massages and spas therapies including sports massages Swedish massages.
For those who want to enroll into these courses, they can contact SOHA Institute at More details about the course outlines, objectives and duration of these courses can also be obtained