Deals on wholesale shrubs to beautify your landscape jobs,large or small scale. Altamont, TN, September 7, 2009 TN Nursery is opening its fall nursery season with a series of plants, bushes and trees at special prices.

Online PR News – 07-September-2009 – – The Black Chokeberry, as seen on 'Oprah,' is high in anti-oxidants with glossy, pendulous clusters of black fruit suspended before lustrous green leave. It is pleasing when viewed up close in summer, but the flower display and fall color are excellent even from afar. They can be purchased in quantities of 100 for $0.99 each.

Also available is the English Ivy Evergreen Vining Plant, which is a perennial vine . The English Ivy has green foliage and inconspicuous flowers, with similar fruits or seeds. The English Ivy has a Long life span relative to most other plant species and a moderate growth rate. At maturity, the typical English Ivy will reach up to 5 feet high, with a maximum height at 20 years of 5 feet.These are available in quantities of 250 for $0.45 each.

Nikko Blue Hydrangeas can also be purchased in quantities of 250 for $0.70 each.

For more information regarding these and other special plants this selling season, contact Tammy Sons at TN Nursery in Altamont, TN.

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