Its Yoga Satellite Begins Enrollment in New Yoga Training Programs for April – August -2015

These programs of Yoga Teacher Training and Rocket Yoga Training are scheduled in splendid beach locations like Bali.

Online PR News – 30-March-2015 – Rattanathibed Road, – Bangkok, Thailand – March 28, 2015 – Its Yoga Satellite has launched the new Yoga Training programs for the current year, with an enhanced fresh curriculum and intensive training for learners. They will find the complete package of a concentrated regime and absolute joy.

These programs of Yoga Teacher Training and Rocket Yoga Training are scheduled in splendid beach locations like Bali, Philippines and Thailand in tranquil environments to practice Yoga and meditation. The particular aim of the programs is to reinvigorate the energy within the body and achieve mental calmness while learning the physical postures and movements.

The Yoga Teacher Training program consists of Asana and meditation practice for a deeper realization within the self. Students will enjoy a life-changing experience and find a great opportunity to raise their Yoga Practice into the next level in both physical and mental aspects. They can become great yoga teachers, inspire others and live healthy after this training. Also, the relaxed atmosphere will support getting an insight of self, thus leading to an amazing life ahead. The details of programs are shared on and other training programs could be browsed in different web pages.

The Rocket training programs include routines of intensive exercises designed for physically awakening and mind soothing with enhanced drills, core routines and modifications to support students in deepening their experience with the advanced poses of the Ashtanga System. These trainings are a great way to explore new ideas and routines by practicing without being distracted. Students will avail free accommodation and enjoy various other activities in the training package.

“Our holistic Yoga programs are specially held in serene locations for students to be trained by high quality Yoga Teachers” said Joy – the founder and a Senior Yoga Teacher of Its Yoga Satellite. “The mission is to share the love of the practice. The teachers studied Yoga for more than 8 years, dedicating their self to share the passion and knowledge in a very compressive way.”

Yoga and meditation practice has benefited each person to attain mental and physical composure. In addition to that, an optimistic approach towards life brings immense happiness and delight.

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Its Yoga Satellite had begun from the training programs since 2012 with a motive of spreading the awareness of Yoga power. It believes that practitioners can increase positive energy, create a beautiful environment and bring peace to all aspects of life. Its Yoga satellite contributes in a complete way to teach the vital components of Yoga so that the students can enhance their energy and concentration levels. Visit us at

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