"Coma Story" Links Conscious Dreaming and Creative Problem Solving

A well thought-out novel by Stephen Manoj Thompson, Ph.D., chronicles a clever dreaming story, during coma.

Online PR News – 28-August-2010 – – St. Louis, MO, August 27, 2010 -- Coma Story ( http://www.ComaStory.com ) by Dr. Stephen Thompson reveals fictionally the Chagos Islanders’ struggle. It is basically a story of coma recovery, lucid dreaming and of the forgotten British citizens.

Thompson, the acclaimed author of Land of Opportunity, says that he stumbled upon the incredible Chagos Islanders’ real life story -- a story ( http://www.ComaStory.com ) of betrayal and suffering -- while researching for another book. He adds that it was the nonviolent struggle, by those Islanders, drew his curiosity and was inspired.

The novel centers on the Chagossians, who were forcibly relocated by Great Britain, to make way for a military base. The narrator, a coma survivor, along with Diego Garcia native, Tarzan, conspires to gain back the British-controlled islands without violence. The narrator’s fascinating coma journey explores the link between conscious dreaming and creative problem solving. The author beautifully illustrates the phenomenon of lucid dreaming, as well as theories on the coma experience, and memory loss. Coma Story ( http://www.ComaStory.com ) welcomes readers into a remarkable double-life, and guides them through a mind-opening voyage.

For a limited time paperback version of Coma Story ( http://www.ComaStory.com ) will be available to the public at a 10% discount via the author's website. Coma Story is also available at Amazon.com.

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About the Author:
Stephen Manoj Thompson, Ph.D., is the author of Land of Opportunity Forever, a book acclaimed for its timely articulation of the reasoning and fix for our modern economic and social miscalculation. Thompson is passionate about helping people. It is this passion that helped him to craft Coma Story, ( http://www.ComaStory.com ) covering the lives of a particular geographic location and incorporating historical facts into the story. Being a natural social writer, he shows the universe how to make a fresh start with any situation. However, Thompson is not shy about unpleasant details - in fact his raw and unapologetic point of view makes Coma Story a highly captivating read.

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