New Cloud Contract in Development at General Services Administration

The GSA (General Services Administration) is looking at substitute models for cloud contract vehicles...

Online PR News – 27-March-2015 – Cincinnati/Ohio – The GSA (General Services Administration) is looking at substitute models for cloud contract vehicles and wishes input from industry and Govt on how cloud services are brought & sold and how the procedure can be enhanced.

GSA presently provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service & Email-as-a-Service contracts via Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA)and organizations can buy other cloud services via IT Schedule 70, Networx & GWACs administered by GSA, NASA and Health & Human Services.

The organization plans to develop a new central agreement model and wishes to pick together the lessons learned over the previous 4 years to make sure the new contract vehicle is productive.

General Services Administration noted this request is detach from other cloud RFIs, such as the plan on developing a fresh cloud SIN.

The RFI recognizes 6 areas key for enhancement and indexes sets of queries specially modified to Govt officials & industry experts.

For feds, General Services Administration is keen to learn:

• What are the needs of agencies?
• How you’re employing BPAs? What cloud contracts are being employed outside the BPAs?
• What difficulties prevent cloud attainments?
• What contract kinds would you prefer?
• Possible usage and budget supervision structures, education requirements and needs that must be included in a vital contract.

The organization is keen in industry’s take on:

• Obstacles precise to selling cloud services
• Product & service groups to be incorporated in a new vehicle
• Maintaining flexibility to comprise new technologies as they’re developed
• Acquirement structure & developing a consistent acquirement methodology
• Including combined discounts that’d lower expenses on successive purchases once a sure government-wide threshold is met.

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