Intelligent Investor Launches Share Advisor Premium

Intelligent Investor, announced that it’s internationally focused investing analysis and recommendation service is now live for and available to general public.

Online PR News – 27-March-2015 – sydney – Sydney, Australia March 03, 2015
Intelligent Investor has broadened its coverage into international markets with the launch of Share Advisor Premium. This service will provide actionable stock recommendations on high-quality businesses that you simply can’t find in Australia, and more esoteric, unusual ideas for investors willing to take on a little more risk.

Intelligent Investor has used a value investing approach to recommend Australian stocks with great success for over 17 years and will be employing the same approach in the international markets.

Nathan Bell, Research Director at Share Advisor Premium said:
“Australia has been booming, but it’s undeniable the greatest opportunities now lie overseas. You’ve heard the argument: ‘Representing just 2% of the world’s stock market capitalisation, those investing only in Australian stocks are missing out on 98% of the world’s opportunities.’
“While there’s a world of risk out there too, the truth is now more than any time in the past decade there are cheap, high quality international stocks to be bought with a still comparatively expensive Australian dollar. This is why we launched Share Advisor Premium.”

You can become a member of Share Advisor Premium by going to the subscribe page or by calling 1800 620 414.

Membership to Share Advisor Premium entitles you to:

• International Recommendations, Research and Insights – Access to international BUY, HOLD and SELL recommendations, along with extensive research and commentary
• International Special Reports – Internationally-focused Special Reports are published throughout the year to provide detailed analysis into an investing opportunity or a potential risk to your portfolio
• Premium Model Portfolio – Intelligent Investor runs one Premium model portfolio to help you structure international portfolios, give you an idea of returns you can expect and track our performance.
• Sharesight Investor (RRP $300) – Sharesight Pro is a sophisticated portfolio administration and& tax reporting tool, tracking and aggregating your investments for you. It also provides you with easy to use reporting come tax time. Retailing for $300, it's included free with Premium.
• Dedicated Analyst – Personal access to an assigned expert analyst, allowing you dig deeper into recommendations and research.
• Meet & Greets w/Analysts – Exclusive invitations to meet with the analyst team.
• Premium Events - Exclusive invitations to meet with our team of analysts, discuss companies, recommendations and the market at large.