Adventure Holidays Website Sees Steady Growth

PureTravel is delighted to announce that their 2009 target has already been surpassed with a record number of tour operators joining this exciting new website development.

Online PR News – 07-September-2009 – – Following the launch of their new website earlier this year, PureTravel has been actively seeking tour operators across the world to feature their tours on the website. PureTravel is delighted to announce that their 2009 target has already been surpassed with a record number of tour operators joining this exciting new website development. This represents hundreds of individual adventure holidays and tours available across the world for travelers.

Linked with numerous local tour operators operating throughout the world, this site guarantees that travellers will enjoy their vacation in a stress-free atmosphere. The site delivers accessibility, flexibility, and convenience, which are considered as the essentials in any travel transaction. Organisation is another primary concern of this site. Aside from the information being provided, the site also offers updated news, and travelling hints and tips. This information is in the form of listed day-by-day itinerary programmed for each destination. Tour durations are also posted in a comprehensible manner, so that travellers will be aware of how long the travel will last.

Due to the emergence of air travel packages bonanza, travelling around the world is now cheaper than ever before. This has greatly affected the trend of tour packages, which is slowly being taken over by direct booking travel schemes. With this kind of travel transaction, travellers are granted the opportunity to book themselves straight to the chilly peak of Mount Everest. However, the scheme adds little bit of spice to it. Here, travellers are given the chance to interact with the local aborigines, like Nepal’s Sherpa tribe, making the tour much more exciting.

Holiday Tour has five segments for travellers to select from. These five segments are watersports, trekking, cultural, history, and climbing. Each of these segments offers various activities that complement the whole atmosphere of the tour. After completing the set activities, travellers are guaranteed to appreciate the worth of their vacation in a satisfying manner.

Aside from providing travellers with excellent services, PureTravel is also bent on promoting responsible tourism. [url=]PureTravel[/url] believes that protecting the environment is significant for the further growth of the enterprise. Every cent spent by the travellers is ensured to go straight to the local economy, which eventually assists them in fostering growth in the surrounding communities, such as holiday Vietnam.

Bent on the continuation of strong international bonds around the world, PureTravel strives hard to promote cultural exchanges. In this way, travellers and the local community will have an avenue to interact and share thoughts with one another. So, with this undertaking, positive cultural implications are expected to take place.

Moreover, PureTravel makes sure that everything in the tour will go smoothly. Its wide scope of network, linking it to specialist tour operator companies located around the world, is properly assessed by PureTravel. With this, these companies can offer the highest standard of quality, which every traveller deserves. In fact, these Holiday offers can be availed by an individual, friends, family, or even groups.

Truly, the Internet is a portal for new information and ideas. As the trend changes, getting updated through the Internet is probably the generation’s most convenient means of sourcing data. Of course, if it concerns travel and leisure, Puretravel is always right there, catering travel services beyond distinction.