Local Rapper Sees Controversy In The Cards....Literally

Philadelphia based rapper The MarXman has released a new track based on the notoriously controversal game "Cards Against Humanity".

Online PR News – 27-March-2015 – 03/26/15 Philadelphia PA – Philadelphia based rapper The MarXman has released a new track based on the notoriously controversal game "Cards Against Humanity". Decried as one of the most offensive games ever created and condemned by just about every PC group in America. The new track "Rhymes Against Humanity" utilizes some of the most infamous cards mixed in with the MarXman's unique brand of lyrical rawness.

When asked how he came up with the idea for "Rhymes Against Humanity", The MarXman stated: "I didn't even plan to put this track on the album. I used to write all of my rhymes at a local Starbucks. And there was a group of regulars that started playing the game. I remember the first time I played it and as weird as it sounds, there is a lot of hip hop in the game. Not literally, more like in spirit, and what struck me was how this group of people of all different ages, backgrounds, jews, christians, a feminist, etc and my depraved ass all played this game and no one got offended. Actually that's not true, one dude early on got up and left and we never saw him again. So I was so facinated by how "Cards Against Humanity" much like hip hop weeds out small minded people. So that inspired me to write a track based on the cards."

When asked what the reception so far has been, The MarXman said:"Overall very positive. I'm suprised so many people have reacted positively considering how ridiculously offensive these lyrics are. I always try to keep the element of shock in my rhymes because that is a fundemental part of hip hop. Hip hop is suposse to be the music of rebellion, not the music of McDonalds commercials. This is an element missing in a lot of the garbage churned out by corperate pop hop."

When asked if any of the feedback has been negative, The MarXman said:" You're always going to have that. I enjoy it honestly. I mean, if I shocked you to the point of making you take the time to write me an email, I have done my job. If you don't get it, and don't see how tracks like this strip the power away from the ignorant and bigoted, I can't help you. Milions of sheeple laud bigots like Bill O'Reilly but the minute a person attempts to take the power away from the words used to keep people down, then people get outraged. If my music makes you uncomfertable, good, hopefully you self reflect and explore why that is."

We asked The MarXman what's next, he commented:" I'm definitely doing a sequal at some point. But for now just releasing the remainder of the album. Hopefully live audiences won't throw me off stage. Performing this live is a trip. Its honestly the only track I have ever had to make a preface before doing it, haha!"

If you haven't already, check out "Rhymes Against Humanity" at http://soundcloud.com/the-marxman

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