OSBO partners with ExploreGate to offer International Business Training

HUNTSVILLE, AL – OSBO (Organization Supporting Business Owners) is partnering with ExploreGate, a global
provider of interactive learning technologies.

Online PR News – 27-March-2015 – Huntsville, Alabama – HUNTSVILLE, AL – OSBO (Organization Supporting Business Owners) is partnering with ExploreGate, a global
provider of interactive learning technologies to provide world class international business training. ExploreGate
combines a cutting edge training delivery platform with a comprehensive crowd sourced Content Marketplace that
already offers more then 2,000 free video courses on subjects as diverse as management and leadership to robotics
and solar energy. In addition, OSBO will add the ExploreGate online interactive knowledge distribution platform to its
offering of valuable benefits to its subscribers worldwide.

“ExploreGate is passionate about driving business success by leveraging on the contribution of improved knowledge
flow in the organization. In today’s economy all businesses share a common need – the need to improve the bottom
line within the limitation of time and budget. Our interactive, web based, knowledge distribution platform engages all
the stakeholders of a business of any size , employees, customers and partners, while providing them a quick
access anytime and anywhere to knowledge and information instrumental to support them in achieving their
business goals. Whether it’s a multinational business based on cross-functional teams, or a local business that
strives to maximize its homey advantage, we believe that ExploreGate’s interactive, feature rich, multilingual and
easily scalable platform will support best their success and growth” noted Yehuda Holtzman, the CEO of ExploreGate

“OSBO continually seeks to add valuable resources and training programs for the businesses we serve. As an
International business owners’ association, it is important to offer a wide range of training programs in multiple
languages to benefit business owners around the world. The ExploreGate programs offer a wide range of programs
that fit the needs of our business community.” Says OSBO founder, Tana Torrano.

OSBO (Organization Supporting Business Owners): Founded in 2002, OSBO is a virtual business resource
providing business owners with access to volume discount buying power, virtual training programs, and health
benefits programs for their company and employees. Business owners can access the training and benefits online
and can participate in the live webinar training or access the training archives if they are not able to participate
live. OSBO offers busy executives a way to grow their business, train their team, save money on necessary business
products and services and have corporate level benefits to offer their employees, without ever having to leave their
business. The resources are available 24/7 through the OSBO website. For more information visit www.osbo.org or
call Tana Torrano, Founder/CEO at 256-520-7544 or email at tana@osbo.org.

About ExploreGate
ExploreGate develops unique (patent protected) content analysis technologies for corporate training and marketing
purposes. Our algorithms are able to extract structured, engaging and intelligible content strings/playlists and match
them to an interactive user interface (online Q&A based on machine interactivity) for an engaging and satisfying user
experience. With ExploreGate’s technology any organization can leverage its content to educate its employees with
personalized and interactive training solution and engage its customers by building brand awareness through credible
and smart brand related stories or cut on your customer support cost with structured product and service information.
For more information visit www.exploregate.com or contact Orit Fredkof, VP marketing, at 1-888-730-2053 (Toll-
free from US and Canada) or email at orit.fredkof@exploregate.com