CytoGene Announce a Lab for Training in Animal Biotech

Students in a bachelor’s degree program get a firm base in training in animal cell culture technology and develop their analysis skills

Online PR News – 27-March-2015 – lucknow – Animal biotechnologists research animal production and reproduction, and analysis milk, various meats, and other types of animal outcome. A Bachelor's of Technology (B.S.) degree in animal science or biotechnology makes graduate student for entry-level analysis roles or for graduate student education. An Expert of Technology (M.S.) in the area makes applicants for jobs as mid-level managers on analysis groups, while a Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) is needed for those wanting to perform separate analysis or educate at the college degree.
Animal are employed in several ways in biotechnology. The particular animal in analysis labs guide us far better fully grasp biology and also assist because scientific examination devices. Various other animal products are employed to support research by providing products of which guide professionals to develop grows cells, viruses and also microorganisms in tradition. Biotechnologists also utilize animals to provide antibodies. Antibodies usually are protein created by the disease fighting capability which is utilized in several ways in biotechnology.
Students in a bachelor’s degree program get a firm base in training in animal cell culture technology and develop their analysis skills. A bachelors degree in animal biotech or a related area is needed for master's-level research. Those who move on to masters degree programs examine more advanced subjects in animal reproduction and health and usually choose a focus, such as biomedicine. Learners learn through class room and analysis encounters.
According the report from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) employment for agricultural and food scientists, a field where those with animal biotechnology degrees are habitually employed, is predicted o grow by 10% from 2010-2020.
The increasing growth of recombinant diagnostics and vaccines for major diseases in livestock/fish and establishment of required cell lines and their banking facilities. Transgenic animals can be employed either as biofactories for the production of commercial products or as living models for the study of human diseases and evaluation of pharmaceuticals.
CytoGene provides various Summer internship training in biotechnology is generally available to bachelor's students studying animal biotechnology or a related discipline. Areas of study include molecular biology, animal and plant cell culture technology, and monoclonal antibody production. These training programs differ in length and most require 3-6 months laboratory work. Course topics include:
Preparation of Media
Preparation of Sera
Primary culture of chick embryo fibroblast
Sub culture of primary culture
Pass aging to obtained pure culture
Primary culture of fish epithelial cell
Sub culture of primary culture of fish epithelial cell
Preservation of cells
Visualization under inverted microscope
Organ culture, Fibroblast culture
Study of effect of anti-cancer agent in cell culture
MTT Assay
Live cell counting
Leukocyte culture
Culturing of spleen cells
Myeloma cell culture
Fusion of cells by PEG

Popular Career Options in animal biotech
Graduates are generally equipped to seek mid to senior-level positions in the private sector and government where expertise in animal technology and biotechnology is leveraged in an interdisciplinary team environment. Some career options include:
• Research specialist
• Laboratory technician
• Scientist