Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk Watches: Stylishly Geeky

Some of the common features in the Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk watches are the GMT subdial and the slide-rule bezel but there’s more inside!

Online PR News – 27-March-2015 – Montvale, New Jersey – Right now, it is the age of the 3rd generation Citizen Skyhawk A-T. These come heavily tech-laden but still ideal for everyday use. The Skyhawk has stood the ultimate test of time and its rigorous performance both on and off cockpits has given it a parallel identity as a high-tech fashionwear besides being an authentic, aviation tool.

Some of the common features in the Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk watches are the GMT subdial and the slide-rule bezel but there’s more inside! These include: Atomic time keeping, Perpetual calendar and World time (preprogrammed for 43 cities/time zones). A new dimension to multitasking, if you really have to define.

One of the outstanding Skyhawk watches is the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE. This was introduced as a limited edition watch with an entirely different timekeeping system. It updates through atomic signals all right, but this time, the signals came from the sky - to be precise, from the closest of the 24 navigation satellites orbiting the Earth at an average distance of 20,000 kilometers above the ground. Anywhere you are in the Western Pacific or on the world’s highest elevation points, there’s no chance missing it unless it’s heavily clouded.

If we see when the Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk showed up exactly, it’s roots are exactly 20 years back in 1994. This was when Citizen Navihawk (a part of the Promaster series) came around and the following yers, several different versions of it showed up (we are not talking about the Navitach, or the Navisail here) and in 2000, the Navihawk was upgraded further and the Skyhawk was born. Its functions are essentially the same as the Navi, but it looks vastly different – in the sense, a sleeker styling, rounded contours, integrated lines and just two, flat pushers. The crown now does the job of the rest two. The Skyhawk ran on an advanced, cal. 650 Eco-drive movement; the Caliber: U680 showed up much later.

However, it all boils down to the question: Why should you even consider one?

Firstly, because you are nostalgic about the Navihawk and want it with a different look. The Citizen Diver Watch’ cases and dials are quite different, so while you get a resemblance within the family, you wear a different look. It looks very solid and integrated and sets off your horological lust towards a sophisticated, multi-function watch that also tells you before running out of charge.

So what all info you can expect from your Skyhawk? Apart from the local time and date (you may choose to get them digitally) , you can set daylight saving time, UTC and GMT; split time with a 24-hr chronograph and a 99 minute countdown timer and yes, a perpetual freedom from resetting dates on odd months and leap years till the year 2100.