TIFS – Refining Sydney’s Warehousing and Packing

During the recent press conference held at the Head office and Operation Centre of TIFS, The Head of Public Relations and communication spoke.

Online PR News – 27-March-2015 – Marrickville NSW – During the recent press conference held at the Head office and Operation Centre of TIFS, The Head of Public Relations and communication spoke about the recent changes that have been made to the business at TIFS. The Head of PR and Communications spoke about how TIFS has introduced its own Inventory Management System that sets it apart in the world of Sydney warehousing. This particular addition to the company’s portfolio has streamlined business and has made it more efficient and cost effective for its customers. The software has seemingly enabled them to warehouse more than 2 million items over a year with more than 200 happy customers. Thanks to this new inventory management system, they are now able to conduct their business all over Australia and across the Globe.
The Head of PR also proudly stated that from today, at any given point of the day, their warehouse will have a senior on-site manager who is authorised to make a judgement calls to help their customers efficiently. Around the clock professional staff would make certain that you have access to your items without a hassle.
“If you have to choose pick packer Sydney that are the best, then it would still be TIFS”, as was claimed by the Head of PR. Unlike the other competition, TIFS would dispatch any orders picked up on or before 2:30 pm on the same day. They have the 24-hours dispatch policy which means that all orders will be dispatched within 24 hours of being picked up. This company now has an online assist system that would let customers order a pick-up online and leave instruction not only about the pickup time but also about when it has to be delivered and how. While setting rules, customer just need to pay attention to the delivery time and the cost involved.
According to the stake holders of TIFS, they have been able to beat competition by coming up with the novel idea of “piece packing system” for both the storage and delivery purposes. So, if a customer wants piece meal delivery of a single unit, then TIFS can make it happen.
TIFS is now also able to streamline and make work a lot more convenient for their customers. Customers are now given access to the online portal that would enable them to have a control over the items that they have placed in the storage. Also, the automation of the pickup and delivery process helps customer keeping track of where the consignment is at any given point in time.

To get a free consultation and proposal on storage or the pick and pack service at TIFS Call +61 (2) 9191 8991.
Pickup Scheduling – Anytime through the web portal
Dispatch Time – pickup till 2:30 PM – Same-day Dispatch
Pickup after 2:30 PM – 24-Hour Dispatch