Christian Arts Product Developer Eikon Bible Art Releases New Learning Video

Eikon Bible Art produces high impact, compelling, interactive learning aids, and this month, they are releasing an all-new, original video titled "He Never Had Time."

Online PR News – 28-August-2010 – – This month, Eikon Bible Art is releasing a new short film called "He Never Had Time," and the video is available on DVD as well as immediate download. For years, Eikon Bible Art has been filling the gap in learning materials as it relates to the study of religion, in particular the study Christianity. On a monthly basis, Eikon Bible Art has been releasing new titles to their growing library of Christian teaching aids. This month's new short film is accompanied by new PowerPoint learning aid releases, which includes "The Narrow Door," "Meal in a Pharisees House," "Birth of John the Baptist" and "Be Ready."

The short film "He Never Had Time" focuses on the life of a man that by all accounts is living the good life. Most will recognize the desirable traits of this man's life, as many no doubt aspire to be like him, to have what he has, to live as he does. Even an employer can't argue against a man who is never late for work and exudes a great personality. The short film portrays this man as handsome and young, one who kept in shape by exercising, and managed things such as alcohol consumption so as not to drink in excess.

This gentleman was a picture of perfect health, always getting a good night's sleep, consistently attending his physical examinations, eating a healthy diet, and living a happy life. He was the life of the party and was financially secure, but always mindful of the less fortunate, so he made significant contributions to charity. This man had it all, and had designs on living for one hundred years. Regretfully, all good things do come to an end; unfortunately for this man, that end came suddenly and without warning, cutting his ideal life short.

The poignant moment in this short film of course hits at the time when the party ended, so to speak. It is only then that the viewer comes face to face, in sudden fashion, with their mortality, and the concept of the "good life" becomes front and center. This man, for all he had, neglected to prepare for his time with God, as Amos 4:12 teaches.

In addition to the short film, Eikon Bible Art released new PowerPoint learning tools this month. The PowerPoint titles released this month include "The Narrow Door," which brings to life the Bible story of the same name from Luke 19. Also newly released is "Birth of John the Baptist," depicting the early life of John the Baptist, a preacher who later in his life would baptize Jesus Christ.

"Meal in a Pharisees House" focuses on the story of Jesus having a meal in a Pharisees house, as told in Luke 14, where Jesus advices the guests to invite the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind to a meal for in so doing, the giver of the banquet will be blessed. Eikon Bible Art also released this month the title "Be Ready," a PowerPoint learning tool whose central theme is based on Luke 12, where Jesus shares the parable of the rich fool.

Eikon Bible Art products provide teachers with the tools they need to deliver effective Sunday school lessons. “The products developed by Eikon Bible Art are carefully designed to enable teachers to deliver Bible stories for children in an engaging and compelling manner,” notes Alan Lockhart, of Eikon Bible Art.

Eikon Bible Art provides high quality and fundamentally sound Sunday school lessons for teachers and youth leaders who are engaged in preparing and presenting Bible lessons for children.

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