Through Hearts & Minds - New Book

A new inspiring writer, who has traveled the world is looking for your help to publish writings that will captivate and inspire readers for years to come.

Online PR News – 25-March-2015 – Marne, Michigan – Hi,
And thank you for for your time.

I am a new writer, currently I am writing a book called "Through Hearts & Minds", it is a fiction story of a young girls journey from India, to Russia and back to find her childhood love. She goes through tragedy, war and loss. During this time of tensions between the US, Russia, and India and Pakistan, she must find a way to escape being taken to Russia to find her only freedom in the boy she loved who was drafted into the Indian military at the height of these real world tensions.
- I myself am 28 years old, from Grand Rapids Michigan. I have traveled the world, from the pyramids of Egypt, scuba diving in Thailand, living in Peru, and now I currently reside in Colombia where I have lived several years. I used my own experiences and insights with my writing to make it come alive. I am hoping to get my book out there, which will be published, for the world to see, and be inspired for years to come -
Thank you -