Adult Industry Marketing in Mainstream Panel Standing Room Only at SXSW

Industry pioneers lead discussion on how to market in the mainstream with adult industry innovations

Online PR News – 25-March-2015 – Austin, Texas – The SXSW panel “The Adult Industry, the Quiet Pioneer of Marketing,” ran from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. on March 16th at the Hyatt Regency Austin. Featuring entrepreneur and emerging technology innovator Allen Stein, adult industry pioneer Farrell Timlake, and moderated by a long time advertising professional Momentum Worldwide’s Chris Czmyrid, the panel discussed how the adult industry has led the way in business marketing over the years to a standing room only crowd.

During the Q and A at the end of the presentation many good questions were asked by a diverse crowd that represented at least 10 different countries and was equal parts male vs. female. The conversation centered on societies changing views of sexuality and how to capture the eyes of those many niche consumers. One interesting question evolved as the panel answered questions about the current mainstreaming of sexuality. A young woman with an accent asks, "What happens when the attractiveness and allure of adult entertainment diminishes when it becomes 'status quo'?"

Allen Stein states, "Millenials and future audiences will not see adult entertainment in the same light that past generations have. Among them, porn use is not the exception. It is the norm. Throughout history the mainstreaming of sexuality waxes and wanes. I personally noticed this latest trend starting when Charlotte had to turn in her Rabbit vibrator on Sex in the City in the 1990s. Now you can walk into your Walgreens or Walmart and buy a vibrator. The trend has really kicked into high gear with the popularity of 50 Shades today. There is a big pool of open minded adult consumers and mainstream marketing has already dipped their big toe in the deep end."

Chris Czmyrid continues, "It is nice to see the big agency folk we met at SXSW interested in building cases for their clients on why adult entertainment is a great vehicle for advertising their brands. This industry could be a great vehicle for advertising their brands."

There is a big pool of open minded adult consumers and mainstream marketing has already dipped their big toe in the deep end.

Farrell Timlake, a 2009 AVN Hall of Fame inductee goes on, "The adult industry has been a powerful, innovative marketing force for mainstream media and entertainment for years so we are all honored to share our ideas, insight and experience at this event."

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About Allen Stein:
Allen Stein is a hired gun available through Natural Zesty Enterprises and a Business and Product Development professional. His specialty is the application of emerging technologies to new business models and monetizing them for growth. Allen is also an internationally recognized speaker and has worked in the science of human computer interaction with a focus on telemetry and haptics. An expert in experience marketing, he is currently focused at the intersection of commerce and technology. Currently he is co-founder of two Cannabis focused companies. Homegrown Industries, a Seattle based lifestyle pleasure brand and ÆON INDUSTRIALS developer of next generation Vapor and cannabis devices.

About Homegrown Video:

Since 1982, there has been one company providing adult consumers with intimate access to the real men and women-next-door – neighbors, co-workers, swingers, and exhibitionists. Homegrown Video, the birthplace of amateur adult entertainment, is the quintessential brand for those looking to share their sex lives on camera or view others celebrating their sexuality.

About Chris Czmyrid

Chris Czmyrid has experienced firsthand the growth of experiential marketing in the US. He began his advertising career creating traditional advertising with two of the most venerable shops in the business Ogilvy & Mather and Leo Burnett. His first foray into the world of experiential advertising was with Philip Morris where he led the team responsible for creating the Marlboro Adventure Team. His conscience got the better of him and he left Chicago for Santa Fe NM to head up the marketing for Outside Magazine. During his stint at Outside, Czmyrid was instrumental in creating the active lifestyle movement and this led to a gig with Ford Motor Company where he created the No Boundaries positioning and campaign for their SUV line. The NBX tour introduced America’s Active Lifestyle to over a million consumers in 23 cities. Czmyrid is currently a Creative Director at Momentum Worldwide where he continues to create experiential advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 Clients.

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