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International Real Estate launches in Brazil a separate website. The website is created to deal with Brazil real estate listings. The website has induced a large number of people to become active members and post their property listings.

Online PR News – 27-August-2010 – – Brasilia, Brazil - August 26, 2010 -- International Real Estate decided to cash in on the lack of coordinated presentation facilities of various Brazil real estate listings in a single website for a wide exposure to the local and international investors. The Brazil-focused real estate website provided the owners of Brazil real estate for sale and Brazil rentals with a rare chance to showcase their properties in the Basic Listings section without any charges. The facility to upload photos and video with detailed descriptions of multiple properties in a single account has generated enormous interest not only in property holders but also in Brazil real estate developers and agents. The absence of middlemen even in cross-border transactions has been an additional bonus to stakeholders of real estate in Brazil.

The Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest nation in the South American continent. It is the only country with Portuguese as the official language in the entire Americas. With a land area of nearly 8,514,880 sq. km., Brazil is the fifth largest in the world. In GDP terms, it is the eighth largest and in terms of purchase parity, it is ranked ninth in the world. The capital city is Brasilia. Economists believe to become the fifth largest economy in a few decades. Tourism has been an important contributor to the economic growth. Brazil real estate has been growing steadily in the past few decades, with construction activities in several sectors giving a thrust to the Brazil property market. In particular, the construction of numerous highways has provided access to areas once considered remote. New settlements and agricultural activities are increasing in such areas, providing ample opportunities for local and international investors to profit from Brazil real estate for sale( and Brazil rentals.

The man behind the launch of a special real estate website for Brazil has been Mr. Taylor White, the creator of His intention of cutting across the existing barriers of language, culture, legal, and financial to enable property owners and investors to interact smoothly under a single forum has been achieved with the establishment of International Real Estate His wide experience in the international real estate industry has helped him in setting up an exclusive Brazil real estate website. During our meeting, he explained the special benefits provided to Brazil real estate( and international investors through the new website.

1. The Brazil real estate( allows the property owners, developers, and agents of Brazil to open individual accounts in 30 seconds. Their privacy is totally protected, since furnishing of personal information including credit card details are not necessary.

2. With the opening of an individual account, the property holders and other stakeholders can display multiple properties in the Basic Listings section of the Brazil real estate website for 6 months without any charges whatsoever. The listings can include full descriptions, multiple photos, and a video of each property.

3. Brazil lister with an account in the new website can send emails to unlimited local and international recipients about the properties in the Brazil real estate listings through Free Property Alert.

4. The presentation of such property listings can be further enhanced to all the opt-in members of International Real Estate by using the Free Weekly Hot Sheet.

5. The Basic Listings can be further upgraded after complying with a few stipulations to special sections like Exclusive Properties, Premium Properties, and Features Properties.

6. The designer flyer that is customer-specific enables the lister to post the listings of the properties to the Brazil Craigs List. This will expand the horizon of the lister to reach all interested people within Brazil.

7. The special international emailer to all the global members of International Real Estate offers the Brazil property owners and developers to sell, exchange, or rent their properties not only in local deals but also through international transactions.

8. The Basic Listings are placed in the Twitter and Facebook pages of International Real Estate automatically.

9. Further, all the property listings are also submitted to 25 or more social bookmarking sites such as Oodle, Vast, Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate, Backpage, etc.

Mr. White designed and promoted International Real Estate with the main purpose of helping people of different cultures, languages, and other limitations to interact and freely transact their properties for sale, exchange, or rent without the restrictions of borders. The launch of the Brazil real estate website has been another step of expansion in this continuing process. The account holders of Brazil real estate have direct access to the FREE 20-page report that counsels them on the intricacies of international real estate transactions. The lister of Brazil real estate listings also becomes familiar with the successful transactional completions of past and present members of International Real Estate to conclude better property deals by accessing

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