Organized A WoW Cosplay Competition for Its Customers

A WoW cosplay competition was hold by to their VIP customers, which achieved great success.

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In order to feedback their loyal customers and be a connection of the game and players, at the same time, due to the great popularity of WoW cosplay, organized a WoW cosplay competition for their VIP customers.

The activity started from 1st, August, every's VIP customer would receive an email from, inviting them to take part in the activity. Detailed information about the activity was included in the email. The activity lasts from 1st to 20th, August. During this period, every customer who received the email can mail back their WoW cosplay works to join the competition with players around the world. Every player who send them her WoW cosplay works can get free WoW gold from with different amount, the first ten rewarded excellent works will get prize from 50K to 1K gold.

This activity attracts lots of WoW cosplay enthusiasts took part in, in the past twenty days, received almost 2 thousand customers' cosplay works. All of them are wonderful, it is really difficult for stuffs to choose the best from the numerous. Now the final results are published, emails were already sent to the winners telling them the good news, in the following few days, they will receive the WoW gold they deserve.

"This activity hold by is really a great success, it not only strenthens's relationship with their customers but also enhances WoW players' interest to World of Warcraft. By entertaining, we also earned free WoW gold, we gian two advantages by a single move. Hope this kind of activities can be hold frequently in the future." Said one of the rewarded customer Tevina.

No wonder the great success of this activity for WoW cosplay players will bring more customers in the future, if you need to buy WoW gold, come to, become one of their VIP member, you will also have chance to take part in such activities to earn free gold.