Super Absorbent Adult Diapers inspired by NASA’s Maximum Absorbency Garments from Unique Wellness

Unique Wellness offers driest adult diapers in various sizes and fits to overcome problems associated with incontinence.

Online PR News – 25-March-2015 – USA – With only 3 changes needed in the entire day, it results in dramatic savings.Just visit for discount adult diapers.

Unique Wellness manufactures adult diapers using the MAG technology of NASA, making diapers super absorbent. The company’s products use NASA-based technology to ensure extra security and help millions of Americans suffering from incontinence. It helps them battle incontinence effectively and rebuild their lives.

The best part about the product range is that it comes across as the most affordable adult diapers. Due to its super absorbent technology only 3 changes are needed which makes adult diapers from Unique Wellness the cheapest adult diapers compared to its leading competitors.

With just 3 changes needed, there are fewer requirements for latex gloves and cleansing wipes. Furthermore, the need for bed pads is eliminated altogether. There is no need for different overnight adult diaper or different adult diapers for men and women. The wellness briefs and absorbent underwear are designed to be used during both day and night, for both men and women!

These award winning briefs were featured on Discovery Channel’s How stuff works and are designed to last up to 8 hours using NASA’s multi layered InconTek® technology which is similar to designs used for astronauts in space.

This technology is ground-breaking because changes can actually be scheduled to only once in eight hours which gives wearer or caregiver complete peace of mind about exposure to the effects of urine. No need to worry about skin rashes or infection.

Unique Wellness Briefs also launched a new feature called SpeedSorb® to absorb liquid up to 400% faster compared to previous designs. This ensures that the skin remains dry.

Unique Wellness Diapers comes in three sizes:

Small/Medium 24” to 36” waist or hip
Large 36” to 46” waist or hip
X-Large Up to a 67” waist or hip

No need to rush to nearby pharmacies to purchase adult diapers. Simply visit for great prices and discounts on adult diapers. Unique Wellness is a trusted source of buying the world's driest adult briefs, incontinence briefs, incontinence cure and absorbent underwear/pull ups.

About Unique Wellness : Unique Wellness is the most trusted brand for producing world's driest adult diapers. The company strives to help Americans suffering from incontinence with ultimate focus on improving quality of life. We utilize MAG technology of NASA that makes the diapers super absorbent. These award-winning briefs were featured on Discovery Channel’s How Stuff Works.

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