New Poet Debuts Books and E-books Unlike Your Typical Poetry

Poet, author, designer presents a new kind of poetry unlike what you’ve read before, redefining life’s journey of, how to find happiness and live with purpose.

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Just the kind of inspiration one needs in today’s world. Poetry from “Window of Within” and “A thousand miles of Paradise”, explores the essence of life and living taking a step back from our own existence revealing how to live our inner being’s destined call upon our lives. Poet, author and designer Nicole Anderson redefines the genre through her creative intuitively grasping take on the quest of purpose, happiness, living life with meaning and the reason every breath lingers on.

She focuses on life, spirit, nature and love from true depth of feeling on living from our own “Window of Within” of the soul that will help any reader look at their own life and gain perception on living with true purpose, serenity, love for life and each other.

She receives 5 stars reviews of her debut poetry. A review of several states, “Window of Within: Nature by Nicole Anderson is an uplifting collection of poems that calms the mind of the reader. It revolves around the concept of Nature being the ultimate healer in one's life. Nature speaks to our souls in many ways. It's just that our lives have become so hectic and chaotic that we have no time to observe or soak in its healing power. Nature is always willing to help those who are receptive to its beauty and its colorful charm. The book will change our perspective on Nature and will make us look at our surroundings with more precision and intensity.

All the poems speak about the beauty of Nature and its prominence in our daily lives. Whether it is 'Morning Glory', 'Under the Harvest Moon' or 'Azure Skies', the author's love for Nature and all its exquisite elements is obvious. The serenity of a sunset and the charm of the seaside are also captured beautifully and aesthetically by the poet. The poet has taken a lot of time in detailing the intricacies and the nuances of Nature that are refreshing and rejuvenating for the soul.

I find Nature very inspiring and the poet reaffirms that thought by words that connect the reader on a spiritual plane with the joys of nature. Reveling in the joys of nature is indeed good for all of us and the poems are sublime and soothing to all the senses. It is a collection worth going through and also worth owning.”

Another 5 star review remarks, “A Thousand Miles of Paradise: Nature and Spirituality by Nicole Anderson is an uplifting book that speaks about the symbiotic relationship we humans share with nature. The author connects nature with God and encourages readers to be more aware of the sights and sounds of nature and emphasizes the fact how the harmony between humans and nature can be rejuvenating and refreshing for the mind, body and spirit. The book gives readers a better understanding about the intricacies of nature and also appreciates the role of nature in our daily lives. Nature is a healer and the author connects it well with the spiritual aspect of life and living.

The book speaks of spirituality in a beautiful way, making it appealing and weaving it in with the beauty of nature that we tend to ignore due to our busy lives. The author's observations are profound and put forth in a simple manner that is easy to comprehend. It is a book that will take you on a journey of spiritual discovery and it teaches readers to look at life with a different perspective. All the poems in the book appreciate and exalt the beauty around us, making us savor it. We take a lot of things for granted in our daily lives. The beauty of nature is one of them and this book helps readers to take a break from their hectic schedules and revel in the beauty of the morning sun, moon, snow capped mountains and much more.”

In addition, as another reader comments, “Her words are powerful, riveting, thought invoking and soothing all at the same time…bringing forth life to her words of expressing mind stirring thoughts and feelings intertwined with colorful images that move and awaken the mind, body and spirit.” She’s sure to be a new symbol of a genre not long forgotten though her words of self-empowerment and to take you on a journey of an awakening of thoughts.

Through her quest for self, the author journeys on to a paradise unlike never before from the “Window of Within” she uncovers life’s purpose meant to benefit a world and anyone searching for fulfillment, that intuitive knowing something’s missing, to love’s journey and through the eyes of “A thousand miles of Paradise”.

These poetry collections are offered as a source of inspiration and guidance, as well as encouragement in times of uncertainty and adversity, offering a truly unique way of changing how we see existence and how we see ourselves. Simultaneously comforting and enlightening, remarkably empowering tools for self-transformation, that speaks to the soul and spirit to take a different directional path through life and moves the soul, touches the heart and stirs the mind...a collection of rare books that can actually change your life.

The books are available in print and e-books. “Window of Within” and “A thousand miles of Paradise” are complete editions and also available as e-book series which focus on Life, Love, Spirituality or Nature.
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