FlipHTML5 Revealed Media's Role within HTML5 Flipbook through a Recent Survey

The results show that media such as video plays an important role in digital publications. Two thirds of users are willing to pay for the page edit features.

Online PR News – 24-March-2015 – Hong Kong – Prior to the redesign of their multimedia package, FlipHTML5 conducted a survey on customer satisfaction and usage. According to the survey, about one third of users use FlipHTML5 to simply convert PDF to HTML5 flipbook in order to make existing publications to be more attractive. However, almost two thirds of users prefer a higher edition which provides full page editing features. The reasons given that they wished to deliver dynamic messages and engage their audience by adding video to their digital editions. This survey led to the augmentation of the multimedia component of FlipHTML5 and the creation of an affordable media package for new customers.


Multimedia such as video is more capable to deliver rich information. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video must be worth more. Multimedia eBooks have been available for a few years now but strangely have not caught on because of how people perceived “books”. However, the idea of what constitutes a “book” is slowly changing thanks to eReaders and mobile devices. Still, the change is slow to add multimedia to books because people still think in paper terms. As people see their eBooks with hundreds of photos or take notice of online catalogs with videos this is beginning to change.

"I think this is a very important communication tool between the author or website owner and their reader or customer," designer Anna Lee tells us. "We're helping people ask the right questions. For example, many of our clients are self-publishing nonfiction books and will include an audio or video companion with it. Why not just insert that into the book? With FlipHTML5 you can. Not every type of book is suited for audio or video, adult fiction for example. I can't imagine the Game of Throne series with video, but many other types of books are prime for it."

Adding photos, video, or audio to HTML5 flipbook enhances reader experience and creates a bond with the customer that could not have come otherwise. For many marketers and businesses on the web, this is very important to the growth of new business and maintaining customer loyalty because it adds to the “human” element.

For those who do not want or require this type of additional functionality there is still a free version of the software on their website. However, as technology increases so customer does demand. Being ahead of the curve on multimedia eBooks will position a firm quite well for the future when multimedia HTML5 flipbooks are not irregular but the norm.