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Voucher Codes and Discount Vouchers from online discount code websites such as VoucherSeeker (http://www.voucherseeker.co.uk/discount-vouchers) are more likely to attract the over 50s age group, a survey has found.

Online PR News – 07-September-2009 – – Gone are the days when it was just the younger generations which truly understood the internet. As the medium is becoming a greater tool for information and research, more people are searching online for vouchers and promotional codes for discounts on items. Instead of venturing to their high streets, the over 50s are choosing to search the internet.

A survey conducted by Mature Marketing Consultancy, Millennium, questioned four hundred over 50s on their shopping habits. More than a quarter of people questioned admitted to shopping for groceries online, over half spending in excess of £150 per month.

“VoucherSeeker offer voucher codes and discount vouchers for many products including fashion, electricals and groceries.” States Neil Ainsworth, VoucherSeeker Director. “As the country is in the grasp of a recession, it doesn’t surprise me that more people are going online for money off at VoucherSeeker.’

Older generations are becoming more internet aware and active. For example, social networking site Twitter is the fastest growing website in its market, the site boasting millions of users a month. Most people using Twitter are in the age ranges of thirty to forty. Older generations are becoming more comfortable with the internet, as their presence on social networking sites is proving. As this audience become more comfortable online, their shopping and research habits will change.

Social networking sites not only offer a way to keep in touch with family and friends, but act as a PR tool also. Users share their favourite discount vouchers such as Vodafone promotional codes (http://www.voucherseeker.co.uk/file/8c07f9b2387a79aa4860f829cdf713e7/vodafone-promotional-code.html) or Currys discount codes (http://www.voucherseeker.co.uk/file/a62ac26940c49940f7f8da1eabd901e1/currys-discount-codes.html) and market companies to other users based on their experience of the sites. As this progresses, so will people’s interest in internet shopping.

According to The Office of National Statistics, there has been an increase in the percentage of the population aged 65 and over from 15% in 1983 to 16% in 2008. This means an increase of 1.5 million people in this age group. The percentage of people aged 16 and under has decreased from 21% in 1983 to 19% in 2008.By 2033 23% of the population will be aged 65 and over, whilst only 18% will be 16 or younger.

Older generations are more active than ever before. Greater quality of life, together with enthusiasm to learn about new things such as the internet, ensures that there is a new, strong demographic to market to. Hundreds of companies from travel and fashion to insurance agencies have appeared to cater for the new fun loving retirement demographic, not to mention the ‘silver surfer’ courses offered to ensure that pensioners become comfortable with the internet.

Currently, discount codes and vouchers are more influential to the over 50s group of people than brand loyalty. Quality and price are significant factors for this age range. This may be due to the fact that this age range has a limited pension and therefore need to get value for money.

According to Euromonitor International's ‘The Swing Generation: Marketing to the Over 65s’ report, consumers over sixty five have resolved to enjoy their retirement, doing and buying all the things they never had chance to buy or do, such as purchasing expensive cars and luxury holidays. In fact, elderly people are now taking out loans or equity in order to purchase such items.
“There is a whole market of people waiting to be noticed by the website retail industry. VoucherSeeker strive to ensure our site is accessible for everyone,’ States Neil. “This means that everything is clearly sign posted and easy to find.”

Older audiences are becoming more internet savvy, as promotional codes and voucher codes from sites such as VoucherSeeker (http://www.voucherseeker.co.uk/discount-vouchers) are attracting older users. The internet used to be viewed as a new tool which only the younger generations knew how to operate. However, as the internet becomes a widely used tool for information and shopping and courses designed to help pensioners understand the internet pop up, it is becoming more used by older, previously untapped audiences. This is reflected in social networking sites such as Twitter, where most users of the site are of older generations. As this trend is set to continue, sites will find they have a new audience to cater towards.

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