National Portal Launched in America's Hometown

Iconic Plymouth, MA and 95.9 WATD selected to announce national portal launch.

Online PR News – 24-March-2015 – Rumson, NJ –, “Your Home for Town Information,” selected iconic Plymouth, Massachusetts and radio station 95.9 WATD (covering Boston's South Shore marketplace) to announce the company's much-heralded and anxiously awaited's national launch.

Allan Dalton, president and co-founder of and former CEO of, was the guest of the station's The South Shore’s Morning News w/ Rob Hakala & Lisa Azizian where he announced the March 20th, 2015 unveiling of the site.

Dalton, during the interview, included as the latest member of a constellation of robust, consumer review sites – mentioning TripAdvisor, HomeAdvisor, Angie's List, and Yelp – as all representing trusted sources for reviews that relate to the important decisions that consumers make… which certainly includes selecting the right town, city, or neighborhood in which to live.

"Presently, consumers know where to search online for property information, due to prominence of sites like, Zillow, Trulia,, as well as innumerable Real Estate company and brand sites. Regrettably, until now, there hasn't been a corresponding portal or website exclusively dedicated to providing a combination of aggregated and organic content that speaks directly to town, city, and neighborhood selection. will tap into three relevant town-related sources of content. One will be the site's proprietary content, the other will be consumer generated content, and the third will be carefully organized and contextually relevant public domain content. While other Real Estate portals, as they evolve, will continue to add additional community-relevant content, as the web has evolved, it is becoming increasingly clear that consumers highly value so-called ‘specialty sites’ that are fully committed to one specific topic… and ours is town and city lifestyle information," Dalton explained. – like Trulia, Zillow, and – will also rely upon revenue from Real Estate professionals as a major part of its business model – specifically in how there will be one Real Estate professional selected for each town in America to exclusively host and be involved in the customization of their community's local website and (in some cases) a Real Estate Town Docu-Mentary℠. TownAdvisor Network Members will also utilize the TownAdvisor Community Marketing System℠, designed to generate and sustain local content and interest (visitors will be able to post to NeighborsKnowBest℠, ChildrenKnowBest℠, and PetPosts℠), and complement the promotion and traffic derived from the national site.

Dalton cited, “Unlike sites like TripAdvisor – that have 15 years of evolution – is in its infancy. This means that TownAdvisor can look forward to, as all of its ‘sister portals’ to a series of additional features, functions, and adjustments moving forward in both the short and long term. That said, even at “its birth” provides an unprecedented, robust, and relevant consumer experience to all those attempting to determine which town, city, or neighborhood best serves their needs.”

Dalton also acknowledged, on the Plymouth-based radio show, the local and emblematic role of Leon Lopes who was selected as the Real Estate Town Advisor for Plymouth. Dalton referenced Lopes’ local website and Real Estate Town Docu-Mentary℠ as examples of how town information – which is provided by linking through TownAdvisor.coml – can be further enhanced and customized by the exclusive local Real Estate TownAdvisor Member.

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