TouCoul Announces New “CoulVue” Ergonomic iPad Holder and Handle

TouCoul has designed a versatile iPad holder and handle that makes using Apple’s new ultra-thin tablets easier than ever.

Online PR News – 24-March-2015 – San Diego, CA – TouCoul, designer and manufacturer of high-quality accessories for Apple devices, announces the release of the CoulVue Holder and Handle for iPad. The CoulVue is designed to make the latest super-thin iPad tablets easier than ever to use.

TouCoul founder Tete Sedalo said of the latest Apple products, “One real problem I identified with the latest tablets is that they’re not easy to hold.” Many reviews of the latest iPads agree, with MacWorld calling the iPad Air 2 “alarmingly thin,” and ZDNet declaring that Apple’s “endless pursuit of thinness though is becoming a bit ridiculous.”

“My elegant solution to this problem is the CoulVue Holder and Handle for iPad,” Sedalo explained. “Apple products capture all the best you can find in a great design, but Apple product accessories are often not as good as the primary Apple device.”

The CoulVue’s minimalist look was designed to match the look of Apple’s tablets, enabling users to get the most out of iPad’s powerful features while still enjoying the beauty of classic Apple design. The CoulVue handle snaps into place over the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, or iPad Mini, even over a Smart Cover. The ergonomic handle rotates 360 degrees, and can be used as a stand as well.

TouCoul founder Tete Sedalo said of the newly designed CoulVue, “We have carefully vested our manufacturing partner and been through several rounds of prototyping. We believe this CoulVue Holder and Handle is the most versatile device in its category currently on the market.”

Using the CoulVue makes it easier to:
- Shoot movies and take pictures with a steady hand
- Keep your tablet at an optimal viewing angle on tables and other surfaces
- Hold your iPad in a variety of ergonomic ways
- Grip your iPad better when playing games

About TouCoul: TouCoul is the brainchild of Tete Sedalo, an engineer who grew up in West Africa, studied in France, and now lives in Southern California. The company started in 2010 and is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality, minimalist accessories for Apple devices.