Chris Courtis Lauches New Online Store and Chris Courtis FM On YOUTUBE.

TV / Radio Personality and Famous Socialite Launches New Innovate Online store and the Chris Courtis shows on Youtube's >> Chris Courtis FM

Online PR News – 23-March-2015 – New york – Radio Personality and Famous Socialite Chris Courtis
Just launched his new website
The Site Features an online store with all Chris Courtis products like clothes, mugs, and iPhone Cases created by Chris Courtis Designs. Also Launched Chris’s hit song (Why), And is now available on Amazon.
As some of you may know Chris Courtis has interviewed many A-list Celebrities before.
Chris just announced on that he
Quit radio and is now pursuing other projects.
Chris is looking to launch his own Perfume Line.
It is not decided but Chris might work with Elizabeth Arden to create his Perfume or Versace.
Chris underwent a gastric sleeve surgery and has
Lost 100 pounds in the last 2 months.
They usually cut 80 percent of your stomach but Chris insisted to his surgeon that he wanted his doctor to cut 90 percent of his stomach and the
Surgeon did so. So Chris was very happy with
The surgery. Chris paid a whopping 10 thousand dollars for the surgery. But he said in an interview
That it was all worth it. Chris is losing weight fast.
Chris Courtis is a Huge Peta and Greenpeace supporter.
He adopted a pug and a cat from Animal Shelters
In Lebanon and is against Animal testing and he trying very hard to become a vegan but is finding it too difficult. Chris loves his beef teriyaki and Sushi.
Gerard, Chris’s best friend is always encouraging him
To eat only vegan foods because Gerard is a vegan and does not believe in animal slaughtering.
Chris Courtis wants to move to Greece and live there
when he retires as he is half Greek and Half Lebanese. But Chris Loves Los Angeles and adores
Living there. Chris used to have five octaves like Mariah Carey but because he became chain smoker
He lost his voice. Chris always wanted to cut an album with Madonna.
He is also a big Lady Gaga fan and met her in Dubai in The VIP Airport room for her pre-concert interview.
Chris admitted to the press in London that he is not doing Radio anymore and that he wants to focus on TV and Fashion for now.
Chris now resides in Beirut, Lebanon and is working
On a few projects there.
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