Creative Play Offers Back-to-School Play-yard Safety Tips

Creative Play, Nevada's leading park and playground development company shares back-to-school play-yard tips and encourages year-round health through active play.

Online PR News – 26-August-2010 – – As Las Vegas families get ready for another school year, Creative Play, a Las Vegas playground and park development company, is offering tips on how to play safe in the school-yard, as well as ways to promote health throughout the year.

“Our back-to-school message addresses two very important issues,” says Malcolm Hunt, general manager of Creative Play. “Safety in and around the playground; and the push for continued outdoor play.” Hunt, a parent himself, realizes the importance of playing safe and recommends the following things kids and parents should be aware of before playing on any playground.

1. Check the temperature of playground surfaces before playing on it.
2. Keep a look-out for nuts and bolts that may stick out and cause injury.
3. Never push or roughhouse anywhere at school.
4. If someone takes a fall, notify an adult immediately.
5. Use the equipment properly – slide feet first, don’t climb outside guard rails, no standing on swings, etc.
6. Report any broken equipment.
7. Keep the playground clean.
8. If you jump off equipment, make sure the landing area is clear of any children.
9. Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days.
10. Always beware of slippery surfaces. Playgrounds should be shaded for sun and rain protection.'

Creative Play goes one step further by providing a playground safety program for school customers. “The Super Safety Team - Guardians of the Playground” is a fun playground safety kit targeted at kids in kindergarten through third grade.

“The program is just right for the student council to lead, and it also provides everything needed to run an fun, educational program,” says Hunt.

Creative Play also encourages schools to periodically inspect the playground and play area for compliancy to ensure that the area, as a whole, is safe.

“For example, moveable items, such as trash receptacles and benches, should be placed outside the safety zones, and protective surface conditions should be evaluated, in addition to the safety of the equipment,” says Hunt. “A compliance certificate issued by a certified playground safety inspector (CPSI) is the best protection for schools and kids.”

While Creative Play realizes that outdoor play is an important part of kids' physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development, the company is also part of a national effort to combat childhood obesity by encouraging children to play often.

“When your children go outside in the school yard, encourage them to become engaged in an activity,” says Hunt. “The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends 60 minutes per day of activity, and for some of these kids, recess may be the only time they get for free activity.”

About Creative Play:
Creative Play is Nevada’s leading recreational and commercial outdoor park and recreation development company. As Nevada’s exclusive distributor of Landscape Structures, DuMor, Water Play, PebbleFlex, ICON, and Shade ‘N Net, Creative Play offers consultation, design, installation and maintenance and works closely with its sister company D&K Landscape, to enhance all outdoor play areas with natural and innovative landscape design elements for all outdoor leisure spaces. Creative Play encourages outdoor play that develops healthy children and communities by creating innovative products that are environmentally responsible. For more information, visit


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