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FabulousandFit.com is a brand new site designed to coach, motivate, inform and support people from all over the country to loss weight, tone muscles and diet, based on the most successful bodyweight control program and community, Beachbody.

Online PR News – 25-March-2009 – – America is overweight, with 40 million obese and more than 75% of all Americans are not meeting the basic activity level recommendations. Another recent study shows that 65% attempted some form of weight loss or weight control, 49% tried to lose at least five pounds and 16% of Americans attempted to at least maintain their weight. Even so, the obesity rates are growing, indicating that most individuals fail in the pursuit of body and weight control.

The major reasons for diet and weight loss unsuccessful attempts are: lack of motivation and support; life stress, wrong attitude on body shaping and weight loss goals, and the lack of understanding that diet and weight loss is a lifelong process and not just a step. Team Beachbody comes with a whole life and health fitness program, products, and community that help people lose weight, diet, build lean muscle, all supported by an active beachbody coach and a sharing community.

Eric and Myra Love are a couple of Team Beachbody Couches dedicated to help others in the struggle to build that dream beachbody. They have launched the brand new FabulousandFit.com that uses the Team BeachBody philosophy, methods and products in order to eliminate all those weight loss failure reasons and transform the weight loss process into a successful lifestyle while giving everyone the opportunity for a complete financial transformation.

On FabulousandFit.com one will find all the Team Beachbody products, as well as all beachbody information available, great advice, articles and tutorials for help in the process of weight loss, muscle toning, dieting and building lean muscle. It also includes quick fitness exercises videos and all the affordable home equipment to help muscle toning and acquiring that beachbody fit shape. Also, the site gathers news and information from all around the world on the matter of wellness, beauty, fitness, diets, exercise, equipment, stress and weight loss to keep the customers well informed and fully aware of the new healthy life they embrace.

Above all, they provide helpful beachbody reviews and information andpersonal coaching for a successful lifestyle change, for monitoring progress and keep on the right path fully motivated and healthy. Eric and Myra used their personal experience with the beachbody system to provide the best real life success example, delivering it all online, in your home, giving real results that last a lifetime!

As Eric himself said : “I turned over a new leaf and said enough is enough and I am going to get my weight and health in order. I have lost over 15 pounds so far and I’ve kept it off! I know I have much further to go but it’s much easier when you know for a fact that you are on the right path.”

Aware that a complete lifestyle change comes with more energy and motivation is sustained also by helping others, FabulousandFit.com also encourages the Beachbody opportunity, that is being a coach just as Myra end Eric, helping people get motivated and fit. With this beachbody opportunity the last obstacle in the way to be healthy and fit, the daily stress, becomes no longer an issue, as the coaching opportunity leads to financial independence.

Team beachbody delivers all the online and “at home” tools for weight loss, diet, fitness and an overall healthy, fit and independent life, coached every step of the way, leading towards life lasting results in being fabulous and fit (dotcom).

For further info, contact and assistance, please use contact form on www.fabulousandfit.com or call our Nevada office, between 9 and 6 PM PST, at 702-808-5286.

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