Announcing the Campaign to Provide Funding for a New Documentary

Help provide funding to document the recovery and rebirth of a very lucky man

Online PR News – 22-March-2015 – March 22/Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix, AZ -- March 22, 2015 -- Billy F. Mullin announces the campaign to seek funding to cover the costs of filming a new documentary about his recovery and rebirth from a long series of illness of injury.

At the age of 16, Billy contracted a rare terminal form disease known as Meningital Coccidioidomycosis, caused by a virus trapped in the valley fever fungus that is stuck in Billy’s spine. This illness caused him to have a stroke, paralyzing his entire left side. Due to the severity of this illness, his doctors gave him a grim 2 year life expectancy.

Defying all odds, Billy has now reached the age of 27. However has not been an easy journey. Since being diagnosed in August 2004 he has suffered several setbacks, requiring that he re-teach himself how to walk 3 times, spent countless days in the Hospital or in bed unable to move, received more than a dozen spinal taps, and required brain surgery 6 separate occasions. Billy’s doctors have warned him that he may require several more surgeries on his brain throughout his life to repair the damage caused by his illness.

While the seriousness of his illness coupled with the lengthy hospital stays made it impossible for him to completely finish film school, he attended enough of his coursework to realize that his true dream is to become a film maker. Hence, he decided to start a documentary about his own life and explore the passion he has for the art of tattooing.

The plan for this documentary is to film the process of completely transforming his appearance through the use of large pieces of tattoo art covering both of his arms, portions of his neck, and 70% of his torso. Throughout the documentary, Billy will couple the process of his tattoo sessions while telling his life story and subsequent illness through interviews with various important people in his life.

Billy is seeking funding in order to complete the documentary and tattoo artwork. While he admits this is likely to be a costly and dangerous venture, he believes this is the best way to explore his love of film while allowing himself to be reborn out of his previous suffering.

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