Network and Capability expansion for Singapore’s leading Web Hosting-USONYX in Malaysia.

Network and Capability expansion for Singapore’s leading Web Hosting-USONYX in Malaysia.

Online PR News – 27-August-2010 – – 26 August 2010, Singapore, USONYX- Incorporated in Singapore since 1997, USONYX has been expanding her network to further reach other Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia. USONYX’s market capture has been fast expanding and hence resultant in being as the leader in web hosting.

As part of USONYX’s Master IT workplan, an infrastructure upgrade was recently completed to allow all USONYX’s subscribers to have quality and efficient data access.
Faster speed and access has always been the key to USONYX’s success. With the current upgrade to more effective data storage solutions this facilitates users to have access to faster download speeds and robust data centre services.
All subscribers spend a bulk lesser than using other service providers across the region as these added features will not be charged at a high.

To add, with USONYX, what is required, is a single user access which can create presence in the other countries such as Malaysia with an actual and physical Malaysia Data Centre. This definitely enhances geographical reach with a peace of mind that data is not carried or stored at other physical data centres other than the purchased hosting geographical location.

In this upgrade, USONYX has partnered with AIMS Data Centre a carrier neutral data centre operator and managed services provider. Located in the business district of Kuala Lumpur, AIMS provides international data storage facilities and ancillary services and it is one of the most interconnected data centre in this region.

In a comment by Mr. Chiew Kok Hin, AIMS CEO, “We are delighted that USONYX has chosen AIMS as their strategic partner for their infrastructure upgrade. I am confident that with our state of the art data centre, unrivalled platform of interconnectivity and the ‘community’ of customers in our data centre, USONYX users will enjoy uninterrupted and seamless interconnectivity. To add, we were recently awarded with the ISO 27001: 2005 certification, we would provide a greater peace of mind in term of security when co-locating at AIMS Data Centre”.

Mr. Martin Chan, USONYX Managing Director believes that “In resultant of this upgrade and carefully considered move, USONYX can further provide to any subscribers a capable and trustable data warehouse partner. This not only signifies greater network data infrastructure, but it also better, bigger and stronger capabilities for all our current and future subscribers.”
In view of this upgraded network infrastructure, USONYX will roll out several key services which will identify with the network capabilities at AIMS data centre in Malaysia.


Established in 1997 and Headquartered in Singapore, USONYX has now extensive reach in Asia- Pacific with presence in Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan boasting world-class fully automated infrastructure, multi-homed network and 24x7x365 inhouse- dedicated technical support. Thousands of business and enterprises today rely on USONYX as the gateway to global businesses, customers and networks through their extensive data centre capabilities and partnership with key telecommunication sectors.

About AIMS Data Centre

The AIMS Asia Group (AIMS) is Malaysia and South East Asia’s leading carrier neutral data centre operator and managed services provider. Strategically located in the central business district of Kuala Lumpur and supported by satellite centres tactically positioned in Cyberjaya, AIMS’ provide international class data storage facilities and ancillary services, augmented by an unrivalled platform for inter-connectivity.

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