Best Online Trainers adds SAP HANA Administration to its modules

Best Online Trainer has added new courses including SAP HANA Administration course to its online training modules

Online PR News – 22-March-2015 – Alpharetta – Best Online Trainers will now offer a comprehensive SAP HANA Administration online training. The BOT’s online training SAP HANA Administration course is designed to enable training candidate to be practically well versed with the SAP HANA modules and training and also be familiar with the emerging trends and practices in the industry.

The SAP HANA Administration and other e-learning courses are Best Online Trainers’ maiden course release in 2015, and it is one of the most complex and advanced online learning courses ever designed by the company. This is so because HANA is SAP’s biggest releases, and it is just fitting that a course be created with highest level of usability and detail to ensure the trainees get essential knowledge and hands on experience about working with HANA.

The SAP HANA administration recently unveiled will undergo consistent upgrades and will be refined and created to date to ensure sync with the industry’s requirements. To impart the course content, BOT’s staff and trainers combine technology expertise with rational understanding to ensure the trainees are able to learn complex SAP technologies with relative ease. The SAP HANA Administration training program is thus offered in different patterns and formats to suit each trainees learning ability.

At Best Online Trainers experienced and certified technologists will offer training and mentorship to the trainees. Owing to their shills, the technologists use cognitive skills to impart the best of training to trainees so they can learn and apply complex technologies with comfort. For this the trainers combine classroom and practical lab experiments to meet the understanding of the trainees.

About Best Online Trainers
Best Online Trainers (BOT) is one of the leading online training or e-learning course providers, offering courses in data warehousing, testing tools, database & admin, big data, SAP and oracle functional areas, to include a few. BOT has over 5 years of experience in online training and in imparting e-learning skills to over 1000 professionals and students.