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When it comes to selling products, experts will tell you that the most important element of your marketing and brand identity campaign is your packaging choices. You can have the best possible product, but if you choose the wrong packaging, you won't sell one single unit. It's really that important. So, what's in a package?

What is product labeling?

Labels, while appearing somewhat innocuous and are many times taken for granted, they serve several very important functions, both for the consumer as well as the company that manufacturers the products that are being labeled. Without labels, it would be very difficult to determine not only what is in any particular package, but whether or not the product is right for the purpose in which it is being purchased for.

What is a Label?

Labels, in a nutshell, are simply an explanation of what's inside a consumer package. It identifies what's inside the bottle, box, or other packaging in order to help consumers decide whether or not they would like to purchase the product. In addition to identifying what is inside a package, labels serve to provide all of the relevant information about the products inside to regulating authorities.

Labels are designed to offer pertinent information to the consumer, not only about the contents inside the package, but other relevant information such as the durable life date, special storage and handling information, potential warning information, the quantity and quality of the product inside and much more. All of this information is vital to the consumer in order to make an informed decision regarding the appropriate products to purchase.

Labels are also used to convey a manufacturer's suggested use for the product. In some cases, manufacturers communicate directly with consumers regarding how to use the product safely, identify what conditions a product should be used under and what conditions may hamper the effectiveness or even safety of the product being used.

Labels also serve to help manufacturing companies differentiate themselves from their competitors through branding. As a company begins introducing products into the marketplace, one of the ways they communicate the benefits of their products over their competitors is through labeling. Millions of dollars are spent every year designing a label that is as attractive to the consumer as it is informative. Labels have long been used for marketing purposes.

About Anchor Printing

Anchor Printing is the leading provider of quality labeling and packaging for businesses in all industries. They provide the best Shrink Sleeves and Flexible Packaging options to accommodate the widest range of products in the marketplace. If you are in need of quality packaging options, please visit today to learn more.

Anchor Printing offers Shrink Sleeves and Flexible Packaging options for your business. Call or click today for more packaging option information.