Viewers Can Now Have Some Patron With Their MTV

Face Mr. Magnificent’s video “Patron” now available for viewing on

Online PR News – 22-March-2015 – New York City – New York, NY, Mar 21, 2015 -- Since its debut in December 2014, Face Mr. Magnificent’s single “Patron” featuring Lil’ Scrappy from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been added to video rotation on over 55 media outlets and can now include on that list. The video was added to on March 3, 2015.

In his latest interview with Sanya Hudson of #RisingIcons radio, Face Mr. Magnificnet reminded all the listeners that you have to see yourself successful. He explained that you have to dream it, think it, envision it then pour everything you have into it and you will be it. He also stated that the journey to success is not successful unless you are willing to invest in yourself. That investment is paid with time and money. Learning to pick yourself up when you fall, learning to redirect when the direction you are moving in isn't working. Most important it’s seeking out new strategic partners that will take you to your next level of success.

Such is the case with their new strategic partner Since the debut on December 17, 2014, the "Patron" video has been getting the attention of media and industry tastemakers alike. It's recent climb to #1 on the CMC video charts garnered the attention of MTV and now the climb starts all over again.

"Success is not a one man journey." explains Face CEO of Dream2 IMG "You need a team that is wiling to put in the sweat equity that makes you successful. You need the people that support you and spread the word of what you are doing to all the people they know so that you become popular and familiar. That creates your audience. You need to appreciate them and show them that your journey is not just for you but for everyone else that wants to be successful and that they share it with you. That creates the loyalty you need for them to come out and party with you when you perform. It takes all of that to be successful." Face continues, “I appreciate everyone who has supported and continues to support Dream2IMG and our movement as an independent label making it happen. is the gateway to the next level, but we still need your support. Right now we need everyone to go to, watch the video even if you already saw it, then share it on your platform. Join us in this next step. Celebrate with us when we make it to the next level, which will be on a show. Maybe even having our own show. It's up to us to keep the Dream alive. To all the media outlets out there, this is the story you should be telling to inspire others to do the same. We dare you to Dream2!"

To see “Patron” by Face Mr. Magnificent featuring Lil Scrappy on

Face Mr. Magnificent will be in Austin, TX for SXSW. Any attendees wishing to speak with a representative of Dream2IMG while attending the conference to discuss opportunities with the label and artist, Face Mr. Magnificent are invited to email

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