Help Addiction Services Shares the Top 3 Reasons Why People Typically Relapse

The path to recovery is different from everybody. Therefore, it is important to address some of the possible factors that can contribute to a relapse.

Online PR News – 22-March-2015 – Forth Worth, TX – There are numerous reasons as to why people fall into another relapse even after successfully completing addiction rehab programs. Triggers for relapsing may include unfavorable environmental factors, re-exposure to the substance, emotional and psychological turmoil. These may retrigger the abusive defense mechanisms associated with drugs or alcohol. Help Addiction Services opts to share the top three possible reasons that cause a person to relapse even after finishing addiction rehab programs.

The first possible reason for a person to fall back into substance abuse is boredom. Many may have fallen back into relapsing due to the fact that they were being idle. That is the reason why most patients, who are in addiction rehab treatment program, are encouraged to find the best-productive activity that works for them. This will prevent them from wasting time and money on using drugs. Most of the clients who have found activities tend to keep their minds busy and continue to maintain a clean lifestyle. Many patients have discovered that keeping their body in shape by going to the gym and eating clean has also helped them remain sober after addiction rehab programs.

The second trigger comes from a lack of friends and family support. An individual might be able to finish the program; but, living outside the treatment facility and maintaining a productive-sober life is a whole different story. That is why Help Addiction Services encourage friends and loved ones to participate in family therapy, group therapy, and support meetings. If friends and family are not adequate pillars of support, there are also support groups that an individual might engage in. These groups consist of people who have gone through the same experience and they found comfort in motivating one another to not fall back into relapsing.
The third possible reason happens when people, who got out of the rehab center, go back home still keeping their old destructive way of life. Help Addiction Services says that the best thing to do is to get rid all of the reminders that might tempt them to fall off the bandwagon again. Stay strong. Other acquaintances or peers may tempt your back into addiction once again. Say No. Changing old habits and practicing a new healthy lifestyle has proven to be an effective method toward staying away from old addiction.

Most patients in Help Addiction Services, who have gone through a long hard journey to quit addiction, are able to stay sober by continuously working on living a clean life. They may have gone through trials and tribulations and broken many relationships; but, they were able to stand up again. Every once in a while, they should find personal time for themselves and make an honest reflection of what they’ve gone through during addiction and compare it to sober living. Avoid stressing out and go back to the old ways. They should surround themselves with positive people that can help them towards sober and healthy living. Also, they can join support groups and pick a worthwhile hobby that is worth doing.