Better Recovery Treatment Rehab Reviews New Apps for Addiction Recovery

Current technological innovations in the form of mobile-addiction-recovery apps were also developed to help substance abuse patients recover from addiction.

Online PR News – 22-March-2015 – Omaha, NE USA – Nowadays, technology has become part of many facets of everyday life. Some innovations result in more convenience, while others present completely new radical approaches to the same old problems, such as substance addiction. Recovering patients find that modern mobile applications offer them many useful tools for recovering from their substance addiction. Mobile applications for the iPhone and Android smartphones have been some of the useful innovations recovering patients should consider useful supplements as they recover from substance addiction in an addiction centers service.

People take their smartphones everywhere they go. These habits mean they should always have easy access to their addiction recovery material. Drug cravings and feeling of vulnerability can strike at anytime and anywhere, so it helps tremendously to have recovery materials at hand. Applications on mobile devices can be used discreetly without anyone noticing. Many addiction centers service says that substance addiction patients can benefit from these apps without worrying about what others might say or think. Although mobile apps initially help in making subtle changes to patients’ lifestyles, in the early stages of addiction recovery any change is positive change, Better Recovery Treatment Rehab says. Eventually, these small-addiction-recovery victories will lead to bigger results down the line if the addiction centers service recovery process is continuous

A number of apps related to addiction recovery are available in the market which includes:

•iRecovery Free
This is a free app on Android devices. iRecovery Free is designed to track patients’ progress in sobriety. iRecovery gives recovering patients award points for different activities and helps them analyze their progress from week to week. The app is password protected to safeguard personal information. iRecovery has a journal function, where recovering patients can record their thoughts. It can also be customized to help patients decide which behaviors and goals they want to accomplish.

•Relax Ocean Wave Sleep
It is an application available on Android for free. Relax Ocean Wave Sleep produces calming sounds which help recovering patients stay relax and eventually puts them into sleep. Also, it’s possible to set a timer so the ocean waves guide the person to sleep. The developers highly recommended using headphones with this app.

•AA Speaks to Go
This app costs $4.99 on the Android. AA Speaks-to-go has over 400 audio files of motivational AA speakers from all around the world. Going back as far as 1930, these inspirational recordings from the most uplifting AA members of all time are included in this collection.

•12 Steps AA Companion
It is an Android app for only $1.99. Currently, 12 Steps AA companion has received over 630 five star reviews from users. It has become one of the most popular Android apps for AA members. It is an app that contains 164 pages of personal stories. It has a sobriety calculator that allows users to accurately calculate their length of sobriety.

•Quit It 3.0 – Stop Smoking
This mobile app only costs $.99 in the marketplace. Quit it 3.0 is a motivational program that encourages smokers to quit and avoid lighting up again. It records the number of cigarettes not smoked along with the money that has been saved from quitting. The app also documents the benefits of quitting. Daily gains from quitting smoking can even be shared through most social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Better Recovery Treatment Rehab has reviewed these applications to further help support the addiction centers service ‘initiative to go mobile with modern technology. Some of these apps are completely free but Better Recovery Treatment Rehab believes that even the paid options are reasonably priced and worth every penny the patient spends. Solving old problems sometimes requires innovative approaches and using modern technology to an individual’s advantage helps open the door to new solutions.