i-80 Equipment Struts with Innovative Refurbishing Practices

With roughly 2 decades in the business of new and used digger derricks and bucket trucks, i-80 takes pride in their innovative reconditioning processes that allows their used trucks to be hardly discernible from brand new units.

Online PR News – 27-August-2010 – – Based in Colona, Illinois, i-80 Equipment personally swaggers their famed, highly engineered and detailed reconditioning process. The 6-point reconditioning process is filled with intricate and detailed techniques and procedures executed by no less than certified and highly trained i-80 professionals.
The entire exhaustive process is initiated with a total dismantling of used bucket trucks, boom trucks, forestry trucks, digger derricks or crane trucks. The process is immediately followed by the critical step to degrease and powerwash these old utility giants. This is critical to the third and fourth process which covers the sanding, dent-fixing, and painting procedures. The paint bay involves a series of paint-job techniques that will guarantee excellent results in giving every utility truck a new face and body.
More than any pretense or external reconditioning, the assembly and mechanics bay personnel ensure that the internal facet of every truck performs at peak efficiency. The replacement of broken parts and the repairs needed for minor damages are done comprehensively to meet all federal and safety standards.
i-80 has formulated a unique 77-point inspection system designed to scrutinize every element after all the reconditioning processes have been the completed. The 77-point system will check and test the basic and complex areas of every refurbished truck. This will ensure that all trucks are in perfect running condition and will last for years, even after being exposed to stringent utility environments.
Prospective clients may reach them through the web form available on their website i80equipment.com, or their toll free number at 1-888-949-3701. Both channels will convey accurate information through their knowledgeable staff and team of professionals.
The company is servicing clients from all 50 states and from Canada. In addition, their list of clients have also permeated the global playfield and they continue to win the trust of more business owners who are looking into affordable, reconditioned trucks that will promise resilience and performance – all these with added aesthetic significance.

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