Mike’s Air Conditioning Unveils Its Services As Top HVAC Contractors

Mike’s Air conditioning has emerged as the top HVAC contractors in all the metropolitan areas of New York. They have been providing services since 1960, but have come up with latest technologies recently.

Online PR News – 27-August-2010 – – They provide AC duct cleaning, window AC units, ductless air conditioners, room air conditioners, portable air conditioners, and wall air conditioners. Their name was recently listed in the New York magazine, one of the best magazines of U.S- for offering energy saving ideas so that people can reduce their electricity bills. Their clients can also get high quality services for dryer vent cleaning and AC vent cleaning.

Already known for their originality in the field of new wall air conditioners and window air conditioners, this time they have made news by providing best quality high tech services to their clients, and emerging as the top HVAC providers. They have all types of ACs and AC related services. People can get various types of services, like repair, sales, custom installations and deliveries on time. They are also known for expert AC repair. They offer custom installation for window air conditioners, which includes installations for lower window, upper window, custom store front, and all types of layer bricks (single, double or triple). People can get any type of needed information about the services of this company from its website, and can also get appointment with one of their experiences technicians if they need.

They also provide storage feature in winters, where they pack the Air conditioners, so that people can get clear window view. This is a feature that is overlooked by most HVAC contractors. Mike’s Air Conditioning does not leave all the responsibility with the customers- they keep helping even after selling air conditioners. Their name was recently listed in the New York magazine for their contribution in making the environment clean by offering energy saving ideas, so that people can cut down their electricity bills by going green with their AC units. They also provide P-Tac units, heat and cool units and free standing portable units. As the top AC service providers, their main purpose is to regulate humidity, room temperature, and air flow so that these elements can stay within their suitable ranges. They are known for providing three fundamental functions- heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, which are required for maintaining comfort in every residence.

Mike’s Air Conditioning, operating since 1960, has launched a new technology in AC world and emerged as one of the best HVAC contractors in New York. They have revolutionized the way people look at HVAC services. With the addition of latest techniques, there is no need to follow the old methods of Air condition installation and cleaning.

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