Flex 4 and Flex Monkey Speed up Flex Development Process at iFlexweb

Flex developers at iFlexweb use Flex4 and Flex Monkey to speed up the Flex development process for RIA development. The inbuilt features allow rapid creation, testing and deployment of RIAs.

Online PR News – 27-August-2010 – – Flex developers at iFlexweb use Flex4 and Flex Monkey in Flex development process. Flex 4 is the latest Flex version and has Spark architecture which offers backdoor compatibility with earlier versions like Flex3. Flex 4 allows the Flex developers at iFlexweb to work with designers to create RIAs. This was missing earlier because developers and designers were allocated different development tools in the previous versions like Flex3. The other great feature of Flex 4 is automated bug testing, which allows quicker and more efficient testing of the codes to ensure for seamless development and integration of the RIAs in the websites.

Flex developer at IFlexweb uses well the 3D features of Flex 4 to create amazing and engaging RIAs that are more responsive to the end user queries. This adds value to the application and provides a delightful user experience. This feature finds a great use in business applications where greater participation from the client is necessary like and online trading and e-commerce site.

The developer at iFlexweb uses Flex Monkey tool in the Flex development process to automate debugging process. The tool prevents regression from setting in and allows the developer to quickly find the erroneous code and re-factor it. The Flex Monkey uses combination of recorder, code generator and API, which helps the developer to create automated user tests and check in advance how the application will perform or behave after its deployment. The Flex applications are user-centric hence the user interface is stacked above all the operations. The Flex monkey checks application from top to bottom. It checks the entire sequence of codes and particularly lower level applications, where the regression is more likely to occur. Thus Flex monkey empowers the Flex developer in the Flex development process to hasten the testing process and ensure that the re-factored codes are working properly. This enables seamless development and deployment of highly responsive RIAs.