Hallelujah Foods Recently Launched its Gourmet Allergy Free Cake Mix Range at their Online Store

Are you tired of the same old products currently available in the market?

Online PR News – 19-March-2015 – Townsville Queensland – Townsville, Queensland - Are you tired of the same old products currently available in the market? Do you long for a delicious, scrumptious cake or dessert that is made of allergy free mix?

Hallelujah Foods brings you a complete range of Gourmet Allergy Free Cake mix range that will impress you and also your family and friends. The Hallelujah Foods recently launched “Gourmet Specialties” at their online store, which is a must try, especially for those you had to resist their temptation of having a cake for they were allergic. This new category provides a unique allergy free range of Gourmet Cake and Dessert package mixes to their Australian customers.

Hallelujah Foods have more than twelve years of business experience in providing allergy free food. With their expertise, they have created an extensive range of package mixes for everyday use for those who find it hard to eat delicious deserts because of certain food intolerance. Their unique, allergy free range includes breads, biscuits, cakes, slices and now Gourmet Cake Mixes.

It is for the first time that such a range of mouthwatering, gluten free cakes has become available online. With a huge selection of exciting, new packet mixes to choose from that will allow you to cater for any occasion. Their unique gluten free and multiple allergy free recipes are easy to make. They have simple cooking instructions that allows you to bake exotic, restaurant quality cakes or desserts. Their everyday gourmet allergy free cake range offers a quality product at a very affordable price.

They take extra care for their boutique production facility and maintain a strict allergy free environment. Each order is individually packaged and vacuum sealed for freshness. They provide convenient online ordering and delivery on the same day.

About The Company:
Hallelujah Foods is a dedicated gluten free, allergy free food market, serving the best range of healthy, allergy free alternatives; all at an easy to use, one stop online shop. After more than twelve years of experience and experimentation with allergy free food, they have created an extensive range of allergy free package food mixes for everyday use. Hallelujah Foods' extensive range includes breads, biscuits, cakes, slices, flours, pantry staples and gourmet specialty mixes.