Aleynu. New Video From LENKA LICHTENBERG Is Upon Us!

Lenka Lichtenberg releases official video for Aleynu (from Embrace, 2013)

Online PR News – 19-March-2015 – Astoria – 'Aleynu' is a Hebrew prayer that concludes most Jewish services. The word itself means "it is upon us". Now, this sacred ancient liturgy is set to a stunning new video, which unites the visionary music of award-winning Canadian world-roots soprano Lenka Lichtenberg with the visual talents of Toronto-based videography agency Unikron.

Directed by Sergio Lasky of Unikron, with cinematography and editing by the award-winning Brazilian filmmaker Danilo Baracho, the 'Aleynu' video is given a powerful visual gravitas by three distinctive locations: Kiever Synagogue in Kensington Market, which is the oldest standing synagogue in Toronto and also the very first building of Jewish significance to receive designation by the province of Ontario as a historical site; the sanctuary of Lenka's own home synagogue, Darchei Noam; and one of Toronto's great natural treasures, the Scarborough Bluffs on the shores of Lake Ontario.

"This is the first full video treatment of one of my original compositions," according to Lichtenberg. "My goal was for us to create a contemporary yet spiritual visual tableau that would complement my song and do this sacred prayer justice. I am immensely proud of this video, and so grateful to everyone involved from Unikron to my band for realizing its fruition."

The song 'Aleynu' is one of the many highlights from Embrace, Lichtenberg's globally acclaimed 2013 album with her band Fray, which features some of the most luminous global music talents in Canada.

Fray is:
Lenka Lichtenberg -vocals, composition & arrangements
Alan Hetherington - drums & percussion,
Ravi Naimpally - tabla
Chris Gartner - bass
John Gzowski - guitar
Ernie Tollar - woodwinds
with special guests:
Hugh Marsh - violin
Roula Said - qanun

About Lenka Lichtenberg:
Vocalist & composer Lenka Lichtenberg shines as one of the most ambitious and visionary artistic builders in a nation that proudly defines its human identity as a multicultural mosaic. The Prague-born soprano's voice soars in no less than six languages -- Yiddish, English, Czech, French, Russian, and Hebrew -- in collaboration with leading world-roots instrumentalists and vocalists from the global diaspora. Her eight albums to date are far more than mere recordings in sequence; each one is its own groundbreaking idea, carefully manifested from the selection of songs and performers, to the recording environments, to the form and shape in which they are presented to the world. From her inspirational roots in Jewish liturgy and Yiddish poetry, Lichtenberg has branched out to become a bona fide world-roots troubairitz.

Lichtenberg's stunning most recent contribution to the world-roots canon, in the company of her ensemble Fray (Yiddish for "Free"), is Embrace. Continuing in the tradition of the ensemble's eponymous 2010 debut album, Embrace boldly forges uncharted terrain in new Yiddish music -- drawing on traditional songs and contemporary Yiddish poetry. Lichtenberg blends the tradition and language of Eastern European Jewish culture with unexpected sounds from Middle Eastern, Brazilian and North Indian music, expertly animated by Canada's leading Indo-Canadian and world fusion artists, including: Alan Hetherington (musical co-director, drums, pandeiro, percussion), Ravi Naimpally (tabla, darbuka), Ernie Tollar (flutes, saxophones), John Gzowski (guitars, oud), and Chris Gartner (bass). It was officially released in April 2013 at one of Canada's signature performance venues, the Canadian Broadcasting Company's Glenn Gould Studio.

Her newest collaboration is Lullabies from Exile, with world-renowned Iraqi-Jewish violinist, oud master and vocalist Yair Dalal. Released in September 2014, Lullabies was recorded on three continents over a two-year span. The project intertwines Babylonian and Yiddish traditional music -- two branches of a tree that, while born from the same roots and trunk, grew in separate ways for over two millennia. She is also working on a collection of remixes from her extensive catalogue with Canada's top global-fusion producers Andrew McPherson, who has remixed the likes of Transglobal Underground and Vieux Farka Toure, and Delhi 2 Dublin and leads the 2-time Juno nominated band Eccodek.

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Sebastian Cook
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Artist management:
Ian Menzies
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