Technical translations by ALPHATRAD | Native speakers with industry-specific expertise

ALPHATRAD has been an expert in specialist translations in the fields of technology, medicine, and law, among others, since 1977.

Online PR News – 19-March-2015 – London, UK – ALPHATRAD specialises in technical translations and offers its services in 35 specialist fields in the growing "technical translations” market. ALPHATRAD employees translators that need to do more than just speak the language fluently.
The Managing Director of ALPHATRAD UK, Frédéric Ibanez: "Being a native speaker and having a degree in translation is not enough in the field of medical or technical translation. Technical translations, which can best be done by experts in the industry, are in demand especially before the important British specialist trade fairs, for example. The Engineering, Science and Technology Fair and the Bett Show are just a two examples where the topic often makes a specialist technical translator necessary or highly recommended."
Technical translations by native speakers with subject-specific background knowledge offer several advantages: "On the one hand, the translator is of course perfectly fluent in the target language because it is their native language; on the other hand, they are also familiar with "current language" of the later target audience in their own country. Above all, however, a translator who has studied medicine or engineering, for example, can master the industry-specific technical terms effortlessly.
Technical translations are also not always factual and prosaic: a user manual requires an exact translation, while a product or service description might be more promotional. We ensure that the corporate language of each company is retained in technical translations as well. There are companies who want to express themselves very precisely and thoroughly in technical matters, firms that maintain an innovative, consumer-oriented image, and even businesses whose technical translations contain humorous advertising slogans where the joke has to be retained in the translation into the foreign language."
Offering translations in over 100 languages, the translation agency provides a wide range of services at, with in-depth knowledge thanks to its expertise in specialist translations, for example in the fields of technical, medical, and legal translation.