Advanced Setting and eBay Marketplace for the Create Online Store at Ecommerce Techwave

Ecommerce Techwave offers custom design features and eBay Integration with its 'create online store' feature and more added features in the advance setting option that can now be customized according to the changing user requirements.

Online PR News – 26-August-2010 – – Pomona, California-, the company with its head quarters at the suburbs of Los Angeles in Pomona, is proud to announce the create online store feature with more than imagined storefront features in order to capitalize on the virtually pre-dominant global online marketplace. The features include customized design options, advanced store setting and eBay integration with buyer protection and online display of products getting higher on their bid value.

The Design feature for the 'create online store' comprises of a set of fully customized templates to choose from, for the store and the ‘my logo’ option that enables the user to browse for the appropriate website and invoice logo. The design feature advance setting option of the create online store, provides with website title option to get selective of the name of the store created and customized CMS setting to manage webpage and its content with editable page name, page title, keywords and description for a specific page of the store through the create online store feature. The page text setting has also been introduced to manage product page setting including many underlying features like categories, testimonials, bestsellers, search by, on sale and products in large included for online display. The ‘create online store’ feature includes the cart page, payment, shipping and billing attributes for the user to set and make it functional along with the miscellaneous other category options available online.

“Are you in the lookout for a solution that enables you to set foundation for a more secure, profit generating storefront that can be customized according to ever changing and prevailing trends? Then get the one that is proving itself a success, the 'Create Online Store' at Ecommerce Techwave. The ‘create online store' software has the most talked about eBay buyer protection and marketplace integrated to it and a profit generating free version of the shopping cart. Registered users can check for the advanced setting option with store setting option to enable or disable certain important aspect of an online storefront. Users can scan the store country feature, access and utilize shipping and tax configuration feature, payment criteria and setting up Admin user functionality and more in line for the e-businesses who would want to partner with us for our profitable 'create online store' or in other words Online Store Builder feature.” As said by the CEO, Ecommerce Techwave.

Those willing to collaborate can also take the free trial available to set the online store in a minute and make it functional in 15 minutes and integrate with eBay to advertise in a wide arena through a centralized dashboard with more buyers for the product on display. The easy setup wizard can make things more feasible with less of a fuss.

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