Latest Fingerprint Time and Attendance Systems in Canada

Canadian Time Systems, a leading time system integrators in the North America introduces its latest fingerprint Time and Attendance systems throughout Canada.

Online PR News – 26-August-2010 – – Managing time and attendance with PC-based systems just got easier with the latest technology to hit the markets! The leaders in time system integrators, Canadian Time Systems (CTS), have come up with yet another step up to the time system integration with the latest Fingerprint Time and Attendance PC-based Systems in BC, Canada.

Canadian Time Systems (CTS) is introducing its newest product to join its bandwagon in the form of the much acclaimed Fingerprint Time and Attendance systems. It is yet another PC-based system but with a difference! The product is expected to step up the security and credibility of attendance management in the corporate and commercial sectors.

The time and attendance system based on the fingerprint technology is a secure way of managing the time and attendance systems in a business, office or corporate environment. It is available in the markets in the name of PC-based System OnTime Fingerprint Time & Attendance System and in the form of a biometric fingerprint terminal which is part of the OnTime package offered by CTS.

This time and attendance system uses the highly advanced fingerprint matching algorithm. This technology is an effective way of attendance management since fingerprint impressions are individualist and unique for identification and record.

Some of the salient features of the products include 1500 templates and 30000 transactions, built-in serial and ethernet ports, multi language support, audio-visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers, daily and weekly statistics and reports, multi-factory support, shift schedule support, vacation and paid holiday tracking, employee record locking, multi-level password protection, attendance data export to payroll software, flexible configuration of rounding rules and grace periods and Employee picture capturing from video device or file.

Based in Canada, Canadian Time Systems is a time system integrator offering a wide range of products for key control solutions, security guard tour systems, time and attendance PC-based systems, electronic time clocks, wall clocks and other accessories. It is one of the leading time system integrators with a diverse clientele across various industries throughout North America.