Today Drug Rehab Center Announces Marijuana as a Social Gateway Drug to Harder Drugs

For many people, marijuana abuse leads to chemical dependence and can possibly open the ‘social gateway’ of substance addiction.

Online PR News – 19-March-2015 – Hayward, CA – Nowadays, the society faces many crippling problems and one of them is rampant drug addiction. Drug addiction starts from a myriad of different factors and often needs comprehensive addiction services program. At present, many youngsters seem to think that it is okay to use illegal substances “because everyone does it”. For these juveniles, it is safe to take a puff of their first joint. Giving into this peer-pressure is their way of thinking they belong in a group where using illegal drugs is cool.

According to Today Drug Rehab Center, these naive experiments into recreational drug use can often lead to much bigger problems that are harder to conquer. Many experts have debated whether marijuana is really a gateway to using harder substances. This rehab center’s stance is marijuana use may lead to further chemical dependencies for other illicit substances and can also open “social gateway drugs”, which in turn leads to increased addiction-fueled habits.

There are studies that deny marijuana use as probable cause driving a person towards using other illicit drugs. But in Today Drug Rehab Center, many of its patients had numerous issues stemming from marijuana abuse. For this rehab center, marijuana abuse, while a gateway-drug for some, may not be the same trigger for everyone. Adventures into hard drugs largely depend on the user and whether they are predisposed to substance addiction. According to Today Drug Rehab Center, marijuana is the easiest-readily-available drug to get a hold of next to alcohol and cigarettes, and the same people, who like to get high on marijuana, may be more interested in trying other drugs to experience the same or higher high feeling. This kind of circumstances often requires a person an intensive addiction services program.

Today Drug Rehab Center also reported that 80 percent of juvenile addiction is due to the environmental factors. If young people are exposed to a destructive environment where people are always drinking or smoking pot, they are much more likely to enter the same world, where they can find drugs like heroin or cocaine, because of their initial easy access of alcohol and drugs. So, to this rehab center, marijuana is definitely considered social gateway drug and people who abuse this drug need to engage in addiction services program.

There is no doubt that illicit substance use and abuse is dangerous, and often fatal. Professionals from Today Drug Rehab Center advise parents to make efforts towards establishing and maintaining open lines of communication with their kids. It will save their lives. They also recommend that parents should get to know their children’s friends and actively take an interest in their recreational activities, hobbies, and interests. Inside and outside their school, their child/children could be exposed to the gateway drug. By constantly staying connected in-the-loop, moms and dads stand a much better chance at derailing initial drug experimentation. Marijuana-experimentation, after the control gets out of their hands, leads to a much serious set of problems.