Pioneering New Age Orthodontic Treatments for Improved Smile Profiles

Paddington now has a new smile correction destination at Rosalie Dental. The practice has pioneered new age orthodontic treatments for the area.

Online PR News – 19-March-2015 – Baroona Road, Paddington – Paddington now has a new smile correction destination at Rosalie Dental. The practice has pioneered new age orthodontic treatments for the area which guarantees more natural looking smile profiles and services for irregular bite corrections. Orthodontics has always been the progressive field of dentistry, which takes dental treatments to the next level. While a regular Paddington dentist will help with teeth extraction, cleaning and professional scaling, Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and treatment of irregularities in the face and the teeth. Treatments include malocclusion (or bad bite) corrections, straightening teeth, closing any gaps between the teeth, aligning teeth to the lip line and cosmetic dentistry for smile enhancement.
Why patients need orthodontic care?
While regular teeth cleaning at home or periodically at established Paddington dentist offices are necessary, there are some teeth problems that require special help. Orthodontists help with proper alignment of the teeth. This not only builds patients’ confidence but also corrects minor problems with chewing food or speech. Straight, evenly aligned teeth can be flossed and brushed more easily.
In absence of proper orthodontic treatment, plaque build up might lead to accelerated tooth decay. If the decay spreads to the gums, it might cause infection and inflammation leading to gingivitis. Gingivitis needs to be treated immediately or it can manifest to Periodontitis, which leads to bone density loss along the gum line.
The alignment of the upper and lower line of teeth is very important for proper chewing of food. The alignment also affects speech and diction. Patients who invest in teeth alignment often find improved speech is one of the most pronounced results.
Without proper alignment of teeth, the force exerted during biting and chewing manifests exponentially greater on the back surfaces of the teeth. This wears down the back teeth faster than the front teeth.
When to seek immediate orthodontic care
Established Brisbane orthodontics practitioners suggest that starting orthodontic care as early as possible will remove much of the potential problems before they can manifest. Children should be brought in for orthodontic screening no later than the age of seven. By this age, most of the permanent teeth have already broken out. At this stage, children can be fitted with expansion devices to help widen their palates. This provides more space for the teeth to grow out straighter.
Preteen years offer a better chance for braces to work on aligning the teeth properly. This can also allow the children to have a healthier smile by the time they hit their teenage years. However, Rosalie dental offers a wide selection of braces even for patients starting their orthodontic treatments well in to their adulthood. Patients can now choose for a fitting from a range of
• Smilefast magic braces
• metal braces
• white braces
• lingual brace
• Invisalign
Cosmetic dentistry is an evolving part of Brisbane orthodontics. With the orthodontic treatment, patients have an enhanced smile profile and they usually want to take it to the next level with a full smile correction treatment. This includes, crown placement, veneers, bridges and teeth whitening treatments.