Step Into The World Of A Live Dictionary

Dictionary 3.0 is a new live dictionary that gives combined vocabulary references from multiple dictionaries, Wikipedia, quotes, news, and social comments.

Online PR News – 26-August-2010 – – August 17, 2010 – Language helps us communicate and get our message across. The more well versed we are with our language the better we can communicate. A dictionary plays an important part in helping us improve upon our language, and constantly polish it to achieve finesse. Dictionary 3.0 fulfills this purpose very efficiently. Dictionary 3.0 is a live dictionary which goes beyond the traditional meaning of the word.

A cursory look at the home page will reveal three main sub sections – References, Vocabulary and Tools. An abundance of information is unpacked when each section is examined in detail.

The Reference section has links to information based on Dictionary meaning of a word, thesaurus and quotations making use of the referenced word. The Reference section is quite interactive in itself, and provides a great learning experience. It gives the meaning, definition, usage, example and sample sentence of a particular word. The best thing is that you not only find the meaning of the particular word you punched in, but also its Wikipedia meaning and definition, words and phrases related to it, sample sentences in which the word has been used, and also the way in which the word has been used in the recent news and social media platform like Twitter.

The second sub section is named Vocabulary. This is primarily designed for students preparing for exams that make them eligible to go for studies abroad. The main exams covered here are TOEFL, SAT, and GRE. On each of the three pages there is a table consisting of an exhaustive word bank and interactive flash card. Each word has a meaning attached to it, which is supported by images, definitions from Wikipedia, references to quotations and sample sentences. This webpage could prove to be of great help for all students preparing for any language exam testing.

If you are addicted to word games, this website could be your best friend. There may have been occasions when you get stirred and shaken when you cannot recall a particular word. You feel it to be at the tip of your tongue but still cannot recall it. Not to worry any more. Help can be sought at the click of a button. The Tools section of Dictionary 3.0 provides tools to help you solve crosswords and scramble games. What’s more, this live dictionary can also assist you in translating text from one language to another. It has the capacity to understand over fifty languages.

About Dictionary 3.0 – Dictionary 3.0 gives a new meaning to the word Dictionary. It may not have everything related to language usage, but it is an unmatched storehouse of information related to language. It can be called a live dictionary as it is always growing. Along with the creators of this Comprehensive Dictionary, the visitors are also constantly helping in its growth.

It has a bank of words with their meanings. These words also have meaning sourced from information houses like Wikipedia and news. Each word carries with it a reference from quotations and sentences recently used. There is help for students appearing for exams like TOEFL, SAT and GRE.

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